YEP says: If HS2 trains need a new viaduct in Leeds, let's make it a world leader

IF there is to be a new viaduct built in Leeds to carry HS2 trains, then let’s make it a world leader.

Friday, 7th June 2019, 4:50 pm
A computer generated image of how the HS2 viaduct could look from Balm Road, Hunslet.

Not only should it be a stunning piece of architecture, complementing what already exists in our city, but its design should be one which reflects what is needed for the future.

Let’s not just have a viaduct in the city, but the BEST viaduct, one which enhances enterprise, cuts down emissions and attracts visitors.

Would that be asking too much? The Yorkshire Evening Post doesn’t think so. Our forefathers in this city had huge ambitions for it and their legacy stands today. Take the canals for example - a thoroughfare, a way of transporting goods and people and now a place for people to spend their leisure time walking, cycling and fishing.

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There may be highspeed trains running along this viaduct but what opportunities are there for shops, restaurants, office space and the like in the arches below? We need a pinch of the highline in New York, where there is a walkway for people to enjoy an elevated view of the city, and, rather than slice up our roads further how about a cycle route in the sky?

Clever planting could make it a green lung and soak up any emissions . Yes it would be costly but it could be world-leading and why not? This will be many people’s first glimpse of Leeds so let’s make it count.