YEP Letters: November 29

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By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 29th November 2017, 1:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 7:38 am

Tram idea is ‘breath of fresh air’

G R Hall, Leeds 17

With regard to the article in the YEP (November 21, ‘Tram link urged to South Bank’), Paula Dillon, president of Leeds Chamber of Commerce, is a breath of fresh air saying that a tram between Stourton and the South Bank should be on the agenda again.

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This route was a priority when ‘Super tram’ was first considered.

1. The road from Stourton is wider than other routes that were planned i.e. Headingley.

2. It is fairly flat along the way.

3. Millions of pounds were spent in the Hunslet area in the 1990s moving utilities ready for the trams (only for it to be cancelled because it was too ambitious and expensive).

Surely the best way forward is one route at a time, then see how it beds in and useage?

I applaud Paula for her foresight and positive attitude. Let us hope that her suggestions are heeded by Leeds Council and the Government.

If Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield can succeed with trams, why can’t Leeds?

Ambitious recycling service needed

Coun Barry Anderson, Adel & Wharfedale Ward, Leeds City Council

It was interesting to see the recent report agreed by the council’s Executive Board at its recent meeting setting out its future approach to waste and recycling in our city.

What struck me about this report is the lack of ambition and potentially negative messages it has created. Yes it is good to see the council looking to develop its waste and recycling options to Leeds residents but I would like to see more ambition to deliver key aims such as glass collection, an expanded food waste service and a year round brown bin service, delivered to more residents.

Brown bin collections are not available to all residents who want them and in many areas it is clear that the service would be valued all year round, let’s look at how this can be delivered. Similarly where is the expansion in food waste collections that my group, and others, have been promoting for a number of years?

We are still in the situation where one ward, Rothwell, receives this service but no others do, this has been the case for over five years – where is the progress in this service? Our near neighbours in Bradford have enjoyed a glass collection service for many years yet in Leeds we are told this is not possible, if it works in Bradford why can it not work here?

Recycling rates have been in freefall for a number of years. Again where are the clear plans to get this back up to speed and in line to deliver against target? Recycling hit a high of 43.7 per cent in 2013/14, but then dropped to 38.5 per cent in 2016/17.

Performance dropped off to such an extent that the council had to revise down its recycling target to 50 per cent by 2020, because they knew the previous target was not achievable.

It is good that the council is seeking to have a discussion on waste collection and recycling and that they are looking to develop their strategy but let’s be more positive and let’s deliver an ambitious service that meets the expectations of Leeds residents.

Thanks for the memories Bev

Peter Haddington, Bradford

I really enjoy reading the flashback column on rugby league in Monday’s YEP featuring Leeds matches from years ago and Leeds players from yesteryear.

I read the article about former Leeds fullback Bev Risman who is approaching his 80th birthday.

The late, great Leeds coach of the mid to late sixties, Roy Francis, was a coach well ahead of his time. He assembled a team of mainly local youngsters who went on to become stars.

One of his shrewdest moves was signing Bev Risman from Leigh in 1966.

Bev regularly played stand off at Leigh, but could also play full back. Roy wanted him as full back to replace the unfortunate incumbent full back who had received a nasty injury. Bev turned out to be not only one of the best full backs Leeds have ever had, but also one of the club’s finest ever goal kickers. A left leg kicker, he topped the league’s goal scoring charts whilst at Leeds for three seasons when goal kicking was a lot more difficult than it is today.

I will always remember his runs from defence when beating player after player by side-stepping off one foot, then the other. He was very instrumental in the championship win against Castleford at Odsal in 1969 that won him the Harry Sunderland Award. Bev was one of a few dual code internationals and followed in the footsteps of his famous father Gus when he was chosen to captain Great Britain, like his father had been years before. Bev has had several other roles in the game since his playing days including the president of the Rugby Football League and received an OBE in 2012 for services to the game.

Bev is one of the sport’s true gentlemen. Have a happy birthday, Bev, and thanks for all the memories.

No votes for under 18s

DS Boyes, Leeds.

I THINK there is something very sinister about the Labour Party’s campaign, or rather ‘crusade’, to lower the voting age from current 18 to 16 – maybe an attempt to garner naive votes from children who might see it as a novelty rite of passage to adult status.

Harold Wilson did something similar in 1970 by reducing the voting age to 18 so as to attract the votes of students. Yet the age when you could be an MP remained at 21 for another 40 years.

There is a Private Members’ Bill in Parliament now on this subject. If the Government has any sense, Ministers will see that it never becomes law and so preserve the status quo.

One Yorkshire not way forward

Lionel Pyrah, Normanton.

IN the Budget, half of a £1.7bn transport fund has been allocated to the six areas of England now boasting metro-mayors, the other half held out for bids by a host of other cities.

It is, therefore, patently obvious that, instead of promoting a ‘One Yorkshire’ deal, the way forward is to jettison this comical concept in favour of areas based on the city regions of Leeds and Sheffield.

Disrespectful behaviour

Tarquin Holman, Farsley

Watching and listening to the Budget promising “a brighter future”, what a negative statement, along with nodding heads of Government supporters.

The major problems are now, today: NHS, housing, crime. A total lack of any positive, plus commitment/action.

What would happen if the board of directors announced at a shareholders’ meeting “so sorry, no dividends until the earliest 2025.” Yes! A show of hands and “leave your car keys on the desk.” What’s that old saying about we live in two different worlds?

This disgraceful, disrespectful behaviour; they should hang their heads in shame.