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Thursday, 2nd November 2017, 3:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:18 am
Kirkgate Market, Leeds

Market was once a jewel of the city

Peter Dawson, Leeds 16

How can Leeds be the culture capital when the council have virtually destroyed what was once a jewel of this city?

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What I am referring to is Leeds Market, which has now become like a mausoleum. Now there are rumours of creating a car park at the back of the market.

What is the council trying to do?

MPs’ lack of compassion for the poorest

David Howram, Mirfield.

The Government have, and not for the first time, refused to vote during Opposition Day Motions, for fear of being defeated.

Labour, in my view, rightly called for a debate in order to attempt to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit. Universal Credit claimants have experienced major problems including the “premium rate” telephone enquiry line, and the six-week wait for the first payment. Indeed the architect of Universal Credit, Iain Duncan Smith, has stated on television that he did not envisage claimants having to wait six weeks.

The Archbishop of York has, again rightly in my view, accused Government Ministers of being “grotesquely ignorant” for believing the poor have savings to tide them over for six weeks while they wait.

I watched the live debate on the BBC Parliament Channel, during which I heard Kevin Hollinrake, the MP for Thirsk and Malton, speak. He mentioned that Universal Credit had been successfully rolled out in his constituency some 18 months ago. I formed the opinion, whilst he spoke, that he did not seem to think there had been any problems for claimants in his constituency.

Notwithstanding it is obvious that there has indeed been major problems for claimants and the Government is well aware of these problems; however their MPs chose not to vote. I feel this course of action by them demonstrated a total lack of compassion for the poorer people of our society.

Juncker’s ‘dig’ at the UK

C Watson, Leeds.

WHAT a nerve. In a recent public pronouncement (dig) at the UK, Jean-Claude Juncker had the gall to state that “the UK leaving the EU was like leaving the pub and not paying for your round after all others had paid for theirs”.

Is Juncker so senseless, misguided and arrogant? Surely it is not only because the UK has been paying for lots of rounds for other countries over many years that the country voted leave?

Empty seats for devolution

DS Boyes, Leeds.

IF devolution is so important, why did only 18 of Yorkshire’s 56 MPs attend the recent debate on it in the House of Commons? That’s less than a third. I saw on TV both Keighley MP John Grogan and Leeds North West MP Alex Sobel make valid contributions but few others.

Also, it seems slightly hypocritical to me when Hilary Benn and Rachel Reeves go on about inequality in Yorkshire, as both of them live in the more favoured London and the South East region, not in Leeds or Yorkshire.

Spare rooms, little thought

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

WHOEVER suggested that patients should be transferred to homes having a spare room in order to stop “bed blocking” must not have thought of the implications.

Imagine how many CRB checks would have to be done, how many people would have to be employed to make sure no abuse was taking place.

The cost would be so prohibiting that it would be cheaper to rebuild the convalescent homes that were so invaluable in the past. Not PC enough?

Various uses for cycle lane

M Little, by email

with regard to the Leeds to Bradford cycle lane, I have noticed the various uses for it, ie extended path for pedestrians, motability scooters, off road bikes /mopeds, rag and bone man, kids rolling the football down it, cars going on it to avoid a car turning right, oh and a handful of cyclists believe it or not.

Congratulations to the LGI

Jonathan Chapman, by email

I want to congratulate Leeds General Infirmary on its 250th anniversary.

I was born there 30years ago, I can’t believe how fast the time goes. I have lived in Leeds all my life and I have seen Leeds change so much over 30 years, it’s unbelievable.

I have seen events like Leeds lights, rhythms of the city and street entertainment plus theatre shows and pantos.

Thank you to Leeds General Infirmary for always being there in the centre of Leeds and I hope it stays the same for the next 250 years.

Thanks to district nurses

Dorothy Goodall, Leeds 25

A huge thank you to the Kippax Angels, aka district nurses, too many to name individually, who have attended my late husband.

They have been simply splendid. Also many thanks to Debbie and Natalie from St Gemma’s Hospice, I don’t know how I could have coped without them.

Debbie is an amazing dancer

Jennifer Bookbinder, Leeds

Re letter from R Kimble (YEP October 31) and his rather acid rant about Debbie McGee.

I thought it rather unfair as this lady is nearly 60 and her trained dancing days were a long time ago.

I think she looks amazing, and dances beautifully with the gorgeous Mr Pernice!

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