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Friday, 25th May 2018, 2:27 pm
Updated Friday, 25th May 2018, 2:31 pm
Josh Warrington v Lee Selby World title fight at Elland Road, Leeds sat 19th may 2018 Josh won on points after a split decision

Outstanding night for champ Josh

Steven Bond, Castleford

As a fan of both boxing and Leeds United it was great to see Josh Warrington crowned the city’s first world champion at Elland Road on Saturday.

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Josh has come up the traditional route by winning the British, Commonwealth and European titles, a path I feel has worked in his favour on the way to a world title. Josh got his first 10 rounds under his belt over five years ago and has clocked up almost 200 rounds of experience against some tough opposition before the step up in class to challenge Lee Selby. Not only was it an outstanding night for the fighter but it was also a shrewd piece of matchmaking by promoter Frank Warren who got the timing of the fight spot on for his man.

Josh Warrington turned in the performance of his life and proved himself to be a far better fighter than many gave him credit for beforehand. With a world title belt and the Leeds fans behind him he’s now in a great position to land some big fights down the line and maybe bring back some much needed good times to the Elland Road faithful.

Rail company’s courtesy is just the ticket

Sir Andrew Cook CBE, Champery, Switzerland.

IN January, an unhelpful ticket clerk at Leeds station took an inordinately long time to sell me a ticket to Manchester Airport, causing me to miss my train.

While waiting for the next train, I discovered the ticket had been overpriced, but there was not time for me to return to the ticket office to rectify the situation.

I wrote to Northern Rail, the company in charge of Leeds station, complaining about this incident. I have just received a polite letter, perfectly written and correctly addressed, offering an unreserved apology and enclosing a cheque for the full price of the ticket.

Due credit is due to Northern Rail for realising the goodwill that such courtesies can generate.

Other more ‘glitzy’ train-operating companies would do well to follow their example and realise that customer goodwill comes more from the substance than the image.

Cabinet set to force deadlock

Alan Chapman, Bingley

MY prophecy has developed from the day the Remain-voting Home Secretary was appointed as PM by the Conservative Party establishment.

All subscribing Conservative Party members, who are mainly Leave supporters, were disenfranchised. I realised it was the start of a long-term plot to reverse the referendum result.

Mrs May’s “balanced” Cabinet, equal Leave and Remain members, is set to force a deadlock that would permeate into the whole Parliament. I predict the PM will say: “It was the will of the people that brought Parliament to this blockage, the only solution to resolve this is to put another referendum to the people to make the final decision.”

The Brexit side will lose, due to the death of a large number of elderly Leave voters, while an equal number of Remain teenagers, influenced by a left-wing education system, will have attained the voting age of 18. As a long-term Leave campaigner, I expect the ultimate betrayal!

Fed up with anti-OAP gripes

Ivan Kovacks, by email

I have to agree with the letter from C J Ball (YEP, May 21) about the tendency for people to resent pensioners who have a house, savings and an additional pension to the state one.

There is much anger from those without, but they forget that we, and I count myself in those who have all three, have worked very hard all our lives for these. The other day I listened to the rant of a man the same age as me who was living on benefits with no savings and living in rented accommodation, because I was living a better life than he.

It turned out that he, like me, had worked all his life til redundancy, earned on average over £5,000 a year more than me but never saved, bought a house or paid in to a pension.

I did all these things and was paying 10 per cent of my pay into a pension so I earned what I have.

It is unfortunate that we have governments of all shades wanting to encourage all people to act responsibly but fostering a benefits and welfare system that that tries to take it all from you at the end of life, whilst those who are not responsible are spoon-fed, clothed and accommodated at our expense even though many will have had the money to save or buy pensions whilst working.

I am getting fed up with these anti-pensioner gripes that come from a growing number of people. It is my intention to get as much equity release from my house as possible and spend as much as possible having fun now and making sure that if and when I do need care then it is the state that pays for it and not me.

Thank you to ‘wonderful’ care home

Lorraine Green, by email

I would like to take this opportunity to write and tell you some good news regarding Beech Hall Care Home in Leeds.

I feel so often we hear the bad side of care homes but in this instance it was important for me to relate my experience.

My mum became a resident of Beech Hall in November 2016 aged 92 and after two weeks of being there told me she absolutely loved it which was such a relief for me and my brother to know that she was happy and being cared for by the many kind, wonderful and dedicated staff who are employed there.

It takes a very special person to be able to work in a dementia unit and they do so with the utmost compassion and respect towards all of the residents.

Mum enjoyed taking part in the many various activities provided by the staff, joined in the many sing a long sessions, continued to have her hair done weekly as she had always done in the hairdressing salon upstairs and even had a manicure often which made her feel so special.

It was so lovely to visit and see her with the many friends she made, sharing a joke and laughing alongside them all. The people who visited her described Beech Hall as being ‘home from home.’ In April this year Mum became ill and passed away peacefully on April 26. As I live in Northamptonshire, the manager of the home very kindly said I could stay in one of the empty rooms to be near mum at this sad time and I had the great privilege of being with her when she passed.

There aren’t enough words for me to convey the kindness, gentleness, respect and care the wonderful staff at Beech Hall gave to mum and myself during her final days.

They were so very dignified and professional I can never ever give them enough praise.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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