YEP Letters: February 2

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Brexit: it’s time to try to bring people together

Richard Burgon,Labour MP for Leeds East

As someone who believes in democracy and believes everyone’s vote is of equal value, I accept the referendum result. It’s the right and democratic thing to do.

Our parliament approved a referendum taking place. A referendum took place and the result was that Britain – on a huge turnout - voted to leave the European Union.

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It would be dangerous for our democracy to try to block Brexit. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a passionate believer in democracy and he’s made the right call.

East Leeds voted to leave the European Union. And so did the country. I’m sick and tired of commentators who are full of themselves treating the people in my community as if they’re idiots. They’re not. They deserve to be treated with respect.

I strongly believe it’s wrong to patronise ‘the 52 per cent’ and I strongly believe it would be wrong to dismiss the concerns of ‘the 48 per cent’. It’s time to stop talking about ‘the 52 per cent’ and ‘the 48 per cent’. It’s time to start trying to bring people together.

We need to start talking about ‘the 100 per cent’ – or, rather, ‘the 99 per cent’ who, as things are run at the moment, don’t get a fair deal whether Britain is in the European Union or out of the European Union.

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Britain should leave the European Union because Britain voted to leave the European Union. That’s why, as a democrat, I voted for Article 50. But Labour won’t sit by when unelected Prime Minister Theresa May tries to use Britain leaving the European Union as a smokescreen to pursue a Trump-approved project to create ‘Bargain Basement Britain’.

As Brexit is negotiated, Labour will put jobs, the economy, employment rights and the environment first. Living standards and public services here in Leeds and across the country must not be used by Theresa May as a bargaining chip in Brexit negotiations.

Labour stands for the interests of the vast majority of people who deserve better – whether they voted ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’.

Readers go ‘ape’ about scrapped park proposals

Earlier this week Leeds City Council scrapped plans for a new Go Ape adventure park in Roundhay Park following thousands of objections. Here’s how YEP readers have been reacting on Facebook...

Jamie Steele

Where can we object to the ridiculous objections?

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All the people objecting have clearly not seen the excellent work Go Ape do to protect and improve the forests that councils cannot afford to do.

Lesley Gill

Good decision.

As much as I welcome change and attractions for Leeds, the park is the wrong place.

It needs to be in woodland or a forest, and not a park.

Alison Putson

Fantastic news!

I live near the park and use it every day.

I’m not old or boring, I just love it for the untouched, beautiful place that it is.

Let’s just leave it that way.

Elaine Benson

How sad. It would have encouraged children to get out there playing in the fresh air and away from all the computers and gadgets.

The park is big enough for everyone.

We all have different wants and needs but this is very sad.

Rachael Cave

Get it in Middleton park.

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We would love it down in south Leeds - except me, as I’m scared of heights.

Claire Snellgrove

Well I’m neither old or dull and I use the park daily.

The proposed location really wasn’t the best if you know it well.

Hopefully they will find a better location.

Jeff Coupar

Let’s have it in Temple Newsam.

It will bring more people and revenue into the area.

This is what recreational parks are for: for people to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Gary David Spink

Good to be honest.

Leave the place alone and preserve it as much as possible.

Let alone that it all should be available to the public!

Miki Vyse

You wouldn’t have seen it from most areas of the park.

Utterly ridiculous.

Think of the funding from the visitors and the people that would have come to stay in our lovely city.

Leeds 2023? I think not.

Nathan Lane

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At £35 for adults and £25 for kids I don’t think Go Ape is for everyone.

Enjoy the park as it is - for free.

Gary Brown

Instead of building houses on Parlington woods, why dont Go Ape use the woods?

They would be ideally situated for people in Leeds and York as well as Harrogate, Selby and further afield areas.

Debbie Meeson

Bring it to Middleton Park.

It’s huge and would be a great attraction to get people there.

Alexandra Thompson

Roundhay Park is a lovely place as it is.

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The park, as it is now, allows everyone to do as they wish without getting each other’s way.

Lots of dog walkers and people with children use the woods.

Go Ape would prevent people from using these facilities.

It’s a public space so just leave the public to be able to use it with freedom.

Sharon Horne

Leeds City Council should hang their heads in shame.

Yet again it will go to another city and the people of Leeds will do without.

Anne Harriman

People are so mean, wanting to keep the park,

Good lord, Roundhay Park is so massive that you can get lost in it.

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The kind of people that make a career out of protesting make me so angry.

I too love Roundhay Park and went for years.

I hope the protesters are proud of themselves denying the young some real adventurous fun.

I thought the park was for all to enjoy, not just a chosen few.

Angela Ormsby

Leeds Council’s youth team did a free event there last year and there were complaints about the noise.

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The event was midweek and took place from midday until 5pm so I can’t really see how any reasonable person can object.

Marisa Lloyd

A lot of us pay towards the friends of Roundhay Park and lots of locals give up considerable amounts of time maintaining it and clearing up areas.

Why shouldn’t they have a say?

Steven Noad

Brilliant news.

I and others can now continue to walk around the park in peace and quiet.

Sarah Roberts

I think you will find that the objections were based on the location rather than the activity itself.