YEP Letters: August 19

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By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th August 2016, 12:20 pm
Updated Friday, 19th August 2016, 1:24 pm
Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre, Castleford
Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre, Castleford

I just want to shop in peace

Jenny Riding, Castleford

Why is it not possible to walk through Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre in Castleford without being bombarded with folk shaking collection tins under your nose?

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There’s also the people wanting to know if you have had an accident to make a claim. I walked through on Monday and had three different people approaching me with the aforementioned.

If I want to give to a charity I will do or if I want to make a claim I will do in my own way and time. I do not want it all shoving in my face when I want to do my shopping.

It is as bad as cold callers at your door or unwanted telephone calls (I ignore these two also). Come on Carlton Lanes management, sort it out and let us be able to shop in peace.

Politicians are ignoring the will of the people

Dr Glyn Powell, Kellington

Democracy in the UK is seriously threatened!

This is because our politicians are choosing to blatantly ignore the will of the people. Not least of which exemplified in the most serious instance by the decision of the people to withdraw from the failed EU project.

Two months after the referendum, Article 50 has not been invoked and some prominent figures within the ruling Tory party are saying we could remain in the EU until at least 2019.

This would be disastrous economically and also a further illustration of the contempt the political elite have for the views of ordinary folk. Turning to the Labour leadership contest, Blairite contender Owen Smith audaciously states that the people got it wrong on the EU and that he, like the Lib Dems would press for a second referendum.

Thankfully, he will not be elected Labour leader as members recognise that such a move would signal a move back to the dark and deceitful days of Tony Blair. Indeed, Smith’s contempt for ordinary people is further highlighted by his being a willing passenger in the attempt by right wing Labour MPs to unseat the incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was democratically elected less than a year ago. A further example of the erosion of democracy concerns the rush to grant “fracking” licences against the overwhelming wishes of local people.

Once again those in authority claiming that their knowledge concerning risks to the environment is greater than that of the objectors. Even worse, the government disgracefully proposes to buy support by offering financial inducements or “pieces of eight”. Politics in the UK is clearly and openly a dirty and dishonest business.

The masses have spoken

Martin McFadden, Drighlington

I couldn’t agree more with S Crees (YEP Letters August 17).

Cameron and Co were smugly confident that they were going to “walk it”, how wrong they were!

The result knocked their socks off. At last now they may understand the wrath of the majority of the people.

Some justice at last for the countless thousands of young servicemen who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and us, what would they have thought to all the restrictions imposed on us by Brussels?

Laws that protect rapists and murderers, ludicrous human rights laws when these people shouldn’t have any rights whatsoever.

Strangling enterprise by imposing more and more restrictions on businesses. Last, but not least, billions of pounds handed over.

Pride in Great Britain will return again. Thousands did not sacrifice their lives in vain. The demoralised masses have spoken.

Vote based on untruth

Don Burslam, Dewsbury

BEING in or out of the EU should simply be decided on whether it benefits the country or not.

I respect the views of those who favour Leave on economic grounds but not on personal prejudice, like the gentleman who was overcharged in a café in Rome years ago which has turned him against Italy and the continent ever since.

The vote was clearly based on misrepresentation and untruth, not only during the campaign but also for years before.

It would indeed be foolish and misguided to consider the nation and future generations bound by this result.

Unless the politicians show more sense than they have up to now, the harmful effects of this disaster will be felt for years to come.

This will include farming, financial services, depressed areas, the environment and trade. There is also the prospect of Scotland leaving the UK in an attempt to stay in the EU.

Upgrade rail network

Paul Dainton, President of RATS

RATS (Residents Against Toxic Scheme) has been fighting against HS2 since the inception of the northern route years back.

There has never been a financial case, or requirement, for such a high speed line that in all other countries has led to even greater industrialisation in the capitals not in the outback.

There is no benefit to the Wakefield district, indeed there will be fewer and 
slower trains to London 
than there are at present, while the environmental effect on this area will be catastrophic.

HS2 costs have soared since its inception, £30 billion plus is the latest figure but no one really has a clue.

The only area where financial savings have been made is in South Yorkshire where the train will now run on the present rail tracks.

Diversions have been made for extra stations in Doncaster, and possibly another one in South Yorkshire, and (against all previous arguments by HS2 Management) in central Sheffield.

Many people will recall our MP and HS2 management stating that it is not possible for the train to run on our present day track, or for there to be a diversion of more than a few yards (at most) yet the whole new route in South Yorkshire has been changed and the train will run on the present track and cost far less than the original proposals. So why not the same in the Wakefield district?

Why do our MPs continue to support a scheme which Wakefield Council, Normanton Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce and 85 per cent of their constituents oppose, when we could have a solution just as South Yorkshire seems to have achieved.

The one good thing that has come about due to the change of route is that the RATS campaign, supported by Sir David Attenborough and Peter Box, has been successful in that the first nature reserve in the world, Walton Hall Estate, will no longer be chopped up by this monstrosity.

Unfortunately Walton Parish Council did not endorse our campaign to get the estate made into a World Heritage Site, so our idea fell at this fence despite the unique support of Sir David, but I am betting RATS will 
get no gold medal for all the work we put into this campaign.

Now is the time for all the MPs in the Wakefield district to listen to their constituents and tell the HS2 management and the government minister that we must upgrade our present rail network and put on new trains that will stop at all major cities.

Sad at closure of cafe ‘gem’

Tom Gomersall, by email

Thank you for printing the letter from the 3Ts at Gildersome.

As one of the regular visitors there in recent times, and along with many others who have enjoyed these lovely monthly coffee mornings, I am writing to say how sad we all are that circumstances have caused this wonderful institution finally to close its doors.

The friendly atmosphere there was unique, and can only be described as a close rival to Betty’s!

A team of ladies produced a wonderful range of home-made cakes every month, to go with the coffee, which was personally served in delicate tableware by smiling waitresses.

The village has lost a gem, and I am sure that I speak for many in saying how much we appreciate all the effort which went into this, and to say a very sincere word of thanks to The 3Ts Team.