YEP Letters: August 14

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Stop waffling and act on transport

Philip Crowther, by email

Councillor Neil Buckley’s letter (‘Let’s think big on transport’, August 10) has one thing in common with the full page transport revolution article on August 6 he refers to, waffle!

The continuous talking, ideas, consultations etc achieve one thing only, nothing.

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Both Leeds and Bradford have big ideas but miniscule amounts of money to further their urgent need to move away from crowded, inadequate road systems and potholes. That can only be achieved by good public transport, for both areas it is too far in the future at present progress.

Some new trains will appear on the London service and refurbished trains on TransPennine by the end of the year, but locally little progress will be made without wholesale electrification and increasing line capacity, and that will not happen until Government opens its eyes and pockets. As for buses, we have a service designed primarily to serve shareholders not the general public. So politicians, stop waffling and act.

Private cars not in Clean Air Zone proposals

Coun James Lewis, Executive board member for resources and sustainability, Leeds City Council

Re comment in the YEP (Friday August 10) “Punitive charges are not enough to change pollution”.

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While we understand the opinion that Clean Air Zone charges are unfair—and welcome the fact that the article raises awareness of the council’s consultation — we do have concerns about the statement: “Consultation ends on Sunday for the proposed Leeds Clean Air Charging Zone, which could involve taxing motorists up to £50 a day to enter certain parts of the city.”

We’re concerned that many of your readers will interpret this as meaning that we have plans to (or are considering plans to) charge private car drivers up to £50 a day for entering the Clean Air Zone.

This is not the case. Private cars have never been included in our Clean Air Zone proposals. Our plans have always been to only charge the worst polluting HGVs, buses, coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles.

We’ve always known the charging Clean Air Zone that the Government have asked us to implement is not the only measure that we need to address air quality across the city, and we will continue to develop and deliver a programme of other schemes.

Close shops on Armistice centenary

John Barstow, Member of Usdaw Executive Council

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Five senior peers including two senior former military officers have this month called for retail closure across the UK for Remembrance Sunday 2018 which falls exactly on November 11 (Armistice Day) exactly 100 years since the guns fell silent.

The imperatives are to enhance the peace, decorum and reflection inherent in Remembrance Sunday and for more working people and their families to get the chance to partake in the Remembrance Sunday events in their communities. (Retail would benefit as more goods would be brought prior to the one day closure and on reopening).

Kate Hoey MP with support of MPs across parties has put down EDM 1036 calling for this one day closure.

The Usdaw conference called for the one day closure on a unanimous vote. A Tesco delegate reminded conference that Tesco owes its very corporate life to HM Forces. Jack Cohen the Tesco founder was rescued at sea by the Royal Navy in 1917.

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MPs and Peers would win huge respect by putting Brexit arguments aside for just five minutes and come together as one to legislate for retail closure across the UK for Remembrance Sunday, November 11 (Armistice Day), 2018.

Backing Labour despite leadership

Jim Kirk, Middleton

The arrogance of reader James Bovington (YEP Letters August 8 ‘Reverse Brexit and win me back’).

He claims the vast majority of Labour voters were against Brexit, yet offers no statistical evidence to back it up. And why is it always a ‘vast’ majority?

If so many Labour supporters were in favour of a remain vote, then 17.4 million is a lot of non Labour supporters.

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A former party member he claims to be, and one time chair of the Horsforth branch of Pudsey CLP, but when true democracy was shown in a statement of national sovereignty he turned against his own party and voted Lib Dem.

Now he claims he will make a triumphant return should Labour go against the will of the people and offer a second referendum.

Mr Bovington, nobody cares if you wrote to Corbyn or not. As a true Labour voter who still backs the party despite its woeful leadership I know what loyalty is.

No politician has ever been begged by the people to go into politics, it’s a career choice and the people decide how far they go. No politician should ever forget that.

Corbyn won’t be holding his breath for your second coming.

Smart meters’ compatability

Andrew Mercer, Guiseley

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GIVEN the controversy over smart meters, can a politician task an engineer with coming up with a device that is compatible with all energy suppliers?

If not, it makes a mockery of attempts to get people to switch to keep bills in check.

MPs should oppose HS2

Paul Dainton, Altofts

THE report about the salaries of HS2 staff , and that a quarter earn over £100,000, comes only weeks after a leaked report claimed that the scheme was “fundamentally flawed” and that the costs may exceed its budget by as much as 60 per cent.

Objectors in Altofts have long since criticised the fact that consultation days on HS2 are costing approximately £10,000 a day to stage.

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These days are only to tell you what HS2 is planning to do as its officers appear to refuse to take back any ideas, suggestions or objections to the scheme.

These open days are often not even in proximity to the actual rail route.

One has to ask why the Wakefield district MPs are still happy not to object to the scheme?

Why do they think it is okay for the route to destroy our wildlife, environment and housing when the train will not even stop at Wakefield?

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