YEP Letters: August 13

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Price cap should apply to oil suppliers

Mr K Blount, by email.

IT was interesting to read that Parliament has approved a price cap on energy bills, and that Ofgem is now preparing to consult on the level at which the cap will be set.

It indicates that up to 11 million homes that are on the standard variable tariffs will see their bills reduced this winter, and this is all to the good for households that are on a mains gas supply. However, there are numerous vulnerable households, particularly in the countryside, that for various reasons are reliant on the suppliers that deliver gas or oil by road tanker. Many of these households have extremely large heating bills in excess of £1,800 per year for heating, plus a further £1,200 for electricity. Will the proposed cap be extended to these companies, and be beneficial to these households that are not on mains supplies?

It’s time to embrace a free future

Graham Hill, Oulton.

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GET rid of the Brussels Punch and Judy show between Michel Barnier and Theresa May.

Europe is not the enemy; Brussels and its puppet negotiators are.

In the referendum I voted to remain, but now recognise I was wrong. There is always a price to pay for freedom and I, for one, am willing to accept what comes, as were the many before me who fought for our freedom.

We owe it to them and we owe it to our grandchildren. It’s their inheritance from all of us. British people with a free spirit and courageous, compassionate leadership can achieve great things and overcome any obstacles that face them.

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Wake up Europe! Freedom is the greatest value we all thrive on – embrace it and feed your true identity. Tear down the walls of Brussels, drop the Punch and Judy show and let us all come closer together in a true powerful union of friendship and freedom.

In the long run, the world will be a much better place. Great leadership comes from delivering what you truly believe to be positive change and delivering it with courage, compassion and love.

Without expectation of reward, and without the fear of self-sacrifice.

Give the people a choice

Martin Hemingway, Leeds 6

I AM a former Green Party Euro candidate, and I campaigned for the Remain campaign in the region.

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Richard Saberton (YEP Letters, August 9) appears to be saying that once a vote taken – and I assume he is referring to the Referendum – it should never be retaken.

It is now two years since the Referendum vote. In 2017 we had a General Election two years after the previous one, and some people must have changed their minds because there was a shift away from the Tories.

That is how democracy works.

To get the decision that you want and to say ‘that is it forever’ is not democratic. I, and many others, are suggesting that there should be a People’s Vote on what type of Brexit we want, or perhaps even if we really do want to leave at all.

Such an exercise in democracy would give people choice, and perhaps the chance to change their minds if their perception of the costs and benefits has changed.

Can’t blame EU for sticking to the rules

John Cole, Shipley.

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DR Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, is quoted as saying that the UK appears set to crash out of the EU without a Brexit deal. He alleges this would be due to the “intransigence” of the Brussels machine.

This is nonsense. The rules governing a nation leaving the EU were set out in the Lisbon Treaty that the UK (and other members states) signed up to in 2007. If Brexiteers demand that the remaining 27 should compromise and “show flexibility”, this is really asking for a softening of rules previously laid down and signed up to.

Sticking to what is previously signed up to is not intransigence – it is consistency. Michel Barnier and others are quite within their rights to protect the single market and the “four freedoms”.

Help homeless while keeping city safe

Coun Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for environment and communities at Wakefield Council

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I AM writing in response to a recent letter regarding our consultation about new ways to deal with ‘aggressive’ begging in the city centre.

The council is doing more than ever before to help people who are homeless.

Our housing advice services have helped over 600 people in the last three months alone and we fund special services to help people who are sleeping on the streets, to help them find somewhere warm and safe and provide the support to help people to find a permanent home.

We also fund special night shelters during the colder winter months.

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The vast majority of people who are homeless or need help to find food and accommodation receive support and help from us and our partner organisations.

However, a small minority have caused some upset and distress to local residents and businesses in the city centre by being aggressive.

We want to make sure that the council and police have the right powers to deal with these situations.

Enforcement action is always something that is done to help protect the public and sometimes to protect people from harming themselves.

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We will always want to ensure that people also get the right support they need to get a roof over their head and enough money to feed themselves. I am proud of all the work we do to help people who are homeless or struggling with money problems.

I also want to ensure that our city centre is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Our consultation about the proposed new powers is open until August 19 and I would welcome readers’ views before we take a decision on this important matter.

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