Why was Woodhouse Moor 'Weed Day' allowed to happen? - YEP letters

Bill McKinnon, via email

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 6:00 am
Woodhouse Moor was full of crowds for 'Weed Day'.

There were huge crowds on Woodhouse Moor on Tuesday. It was April 20, the day every year when cannabis smokers meet on the moor to smoke cannabis.

Crowd numbers surpassed anything seen on the moor in recent years. There was no social distancing and no attempt by the police or the council to enforce social distancing.

Smoke rose from numerous barbecues. The use of barbecues is contravened by the byelaws, but there was no action taken by the police or the council to prevent their use.

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A large number of cars were parked illegally on the grass verge between the moor and Woodhouse Lane (many parked on daffodils).

No attempt was made to ticket these cars by either the council or the police.

The use of cannabis is prohibited in the UK, but no action was taken by the council or the police to prevent its use.

The council and the police will have known that 4/20 (also known as “Weed Day”) would be taking place, as it’s now an annual event. But it was nevertheless allowed to happen.

What is the point of the police? What is the point of the council? They’re costly to maintain, but neither seems to do that much.