Why Leeds Rhinos fans should applaud Amy at Headingley tonight in stand against bullying - the YEP says

Leeds Rhinos have invited Amy Williamson to their match tonight at Headingley Stadium.
Leeds Rhinos have invited Amy Williamson to their match tonight at Headingley Stadium.
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Nobody should ever be made to feel unsafe on the streets of Leeds.

It is simply unacceptable that Amy Williamson was targeted by a group of bullies as she made her way home.

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The cowardly actions of those responsible have destroyed this young lady’s confidence leaving her, at one point, too scared to go out on her own.

But Amy will not be beaten. She is a fighter.

The ordeal sparked a campaign by her mum Karen to call on council chiefs and the police to make sure this never happens again to Amy - or anyone else.

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Such was the disgust and outrage at Amy’s story that Leeds Rhinos chiefs are now saluting her bravery and giving her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring out the match ball today with her favourite players.

This simple act of kindness speaks volumes about the caring nature of this city.

And what’s even more striking is the club’s gesture to offer an olive branch to those responsible to help them understand the impact of their cowardly taunts.

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But tonight is all about Amy.

And as she takes to the pitch every single Leeds Rhinos fan in the stadium should applaud her resilience.

It’s a chance to drown out the negative taunts and proudly stand together to show that bullying will simply not be tolerated in this city.