What would Prince Philip think of this needless display? - YEP letters

FROM: A Ward, Leeds 8

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 6:00 am
Prince Philip died age 99

The Royal Family asked that people who wished to show their respect for Prince Philip should donate to their charity instead of leaving flowers to pile up and die.

However, it appears people have ignored this, as is shown by the photograph in the Yorkshire Evening Post (Monday, April 12).

I counted six people with a face covering in the one picture.

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Also how far have these people travelled to get to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle?

On the TV news over the weekend there were shots of tiny toddlers being pushed forward by their parent to place flowers only for the child to drop them unceremoniously with no idea what it’s all about.

What do the parents think is the point of this?

Indeed what is the point of this whole display?

Instead of being a mark of respect it could be considered to be the exact opposite, because they are ignoring a request from the Queen and her family.

All this does is put more money into the pockets of the supermarkets because, until this week, all the small florists have been closed.

We read that Prince Philip had outspoken views on many things so it’s not hard to imagine what he would say about this needless display.