We need a quick referendum on Scotland - YEP letters

FROM: Bruce Murray, via email

By Molly Burke
Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 4:45 am
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Brexit gave us a majority within the UK population to allow Parliament to leave the European Union, with England and Wales voting to leave and Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to stay.

Since then Northern Ireland has had serious problems with the new arrangements, and Scotland wants a rerun of the Independence referendum which I believe should take place before the end of the year for the following reasons.

The original referendum took place before Brexit. Brexit has changed the relationship between Scotland and England. Since the Act of Union in 1709 on constitutional issues England and Scotland were supposed to be equal regardless of population size.

This was to protect the rights of Scots in the New United Kingdom of Great Britain. Before the 1709 Act travel in England was a very dangerous pastime for Scots. The impasse or disagreement in outcome of the Brexit referendum has changed this relationship of equality of interests on constitutional matters in favour of a dominant England dictating terms to Scotland that given the history before 1709 between the two nations is worrying. The best way to address this balance is a quick referendum before the end of the year.

I support fully the United Kingdom, but want a United Kingdom of a contented, informed and participating population. If one is not granted the felling of dictatorship will fester and it will end the relationship forever.

Common sense is needed from London with the gut feeling of no to a referendum will lead to more problems than granting one.