Should key workers get priority at petrol stations - 10 things you said

The YEP posed the question to readers after The NASUWT Teachers' Union called on the government to make teachers a priority amidst the ongoing fuel pump crisis.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 4:45 pm
Fuel pumps are marked "Sorry out of use" as a Shell petrol statio in Northwich waits for a delivery on September 27, 2021. Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

With fuel pumps up and down the country currently lying empty and queues reaching hours in length there is growing concern that the education sector already hit so badly by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic could be facing another body blow.

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Calls from Teachers' Union for the government to prioritise teachers amidst fuel...

In scenes closely mirroring the pre-lockdown panic buying of March 2020 motorists have rushed to fuel stations nationwide to fill up despite the government's insistence that there is plenty of fuel to go around with fuel tanker driver shortages the cause for the delay.

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The issue has proved to be a big talking point on our Facebook page. Here's what you said...

Glennys Conlon: "Everyone is important in there own role. I drove to Cambridge knowing i didnt have enough fuel to get back as I could only put £30 in.

My job is important too. I have managed to get enough fuel to now get me back. I suspect people have panicked as a result of the media but there are many people like me who need fuel to get to and from our places of work and these places are not always on our doorstep."

Mark O'Malley: "Every fuel station I passed had fuel and no queues at any of them I fuelled up at asda no problem I can't see the panic that is being portrayed by the media if people just got fuel in moderation then there would be no need for priority people or army's the world's gone mad."

Martin Dickinson: "Nope, the definition of ‘key worker’ got completely abused in the last lockdown. In addition, there is no way to police it."

Gillian Black: "I’d be in favour of the main stream media stopping telling people their is a fuel shortage, while expecting people not to panic buy when in fact THEY caused the panic buying in the first place!!"

Graham Whittaker

What's a key worker?? I've had to go to work every day through the pandemic working for network rail.will I still be classed as a key worker now I need fuel, and I do need fueI, I think probably not

Brendan Bebb: "They won’t need to. No shortage. Just stop being halfwits!

Aweis Kahn: "Key workers wouldn't be there if it wasn't for every other worker these last two years are becoming ridiculous. Everyone has a part to play in society and should be equality for all end of.

Lisa Brown: No. Everybody needs fuel!!!."

Helen Cokell Carlyquinn: "Why not just stir up the panic buyers."

Caroline Winney: "I'm a "key worker" in the transport industry and I wouldn't feel comfortable been given priority over, say a parent with small children or an older person who needs their social circle.

"I do think we all should be given priority over selfish greedy individuals."

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