Reader reaction after Leeds councillor calls for non payment of the TV licence to be decriminalised

Coun Andrew CarterCoun Andrew Carter
Coun Andrew Carter
Last week the YEP published a letter from Coun Andrew Carter, leader of the Conservative Group on Leeds City Council, who said it was time for non-payment of TV licences to be made a civil, rather than criminal, offence.

We wanted to know the opinions of our followers on social media - and this is what you’ve been saying.

I like the BBC and am happy to pay the fee for the service it provides, but think it’s very unfair for folk who don’t use it having to pay.

Scott Lee

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Should be scrapped.... we’re paying because there is no advertising on BBC. I’d rather have breaks and watch the same old ads.

Andrew Tanner

The BBC, like all other channels, should be independent. What does the licence payer actually get for their money?

John Canning

Everyone hates the BBC licence fee. I don’t know anyone who thinks it’s fit for the modern age. I literally haven’t watched a single BBC programme for about five years, maybe longer.

Steven Hurrell

Just turn into advertising revenue like all the other channels...I rarely watch any BBC so really begrudge the license fee and making the elderly have to now pay is ridiculous!

Jennifer MacLellan

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Just paying for a load of repeats and programmes brought from other countries.

Ian Mallett

No point to the fee, it should have ended years ago.

Alan Baird

Make it pay per view and watch the BBC die.

Paul Milner

I really think it needs to go. It should be optional or the BBC should be self funded. It’s not fair to have a constantly rising tax for something like a TV these days when it gets used for mostly other things than watching normal broadcast telly on.

Kenny Strudwick

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Brian Horner

Scrap it. Way too many streaming services with far better content.

Christian Blyth

It makes up 75 per cent of the BBC’s income. We pay their wages. They’re not scrapping it. Not ever.

Anastasia Jayne

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It should be an offence charging people to watch TV when it’s nothing but repeats and black and white films and stuff you watched as a kid.

Carmel Mcloughlin

The licence money goes to the government, they give so much to the BBC. It’s another tax really.

Trevor Walsh

It should be scrapped for everyone. They’ve made enough money out of everyone for years.

Diane Render

Scrap it all together, make it free for all

David Bark

Listen to the wireless and read a book, much more entertaining.

Chris Hough