Protect pedestrians from cyclists - YEP letters

FROM: Ivan Kovacks, by email

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 4:45 am
"Protect pedestrians from cyclists."

I read with interest the article in yesterday’s YEP about the provision of more cycle routes in Leeds all to the good to keep them safe, and this was supported by positive remarks from some users of cycle lanes.

Unfortunately, all this positivity from the council towards cyclists and the encouragement to get on one’s bike alongside the enhanced cycle routes and dropped curbs etc has led, over the past many years, to the rise in dangerous, self-centred, selfish and clearly illegal cycling on pavements.

All this causes great distress to pedestrians, especially the less able, those with hearing and vision impairments and families with small children.

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Whilst I applaud the council for trying to make things safer for cyclists I see no signs or any other form of discouragement directed at them to keep off the pavement.

What they should acknowledge is that the consequences for improving things for cyclists in turn makes things worse for pedestrians.

The police are also not enforcing the laws relating to cycling on pavement coming regularly close to the bottom of all the countries forces in surveys in this area.

I think it’s about time both the council and police took as much trouble over protecting pedestrians from cyclists and electric scooters as they do in looking out for cyclists and car drivers.