Nicola Adams: YEP readers pay tribute to Leeds's retiring golden girl

Leeds lass and sporting legend Nicola Adams announced her retirement exclusively to the YEP.Leeds lass and sporting legend Nicola Adams announced her retirement exclusively to the YEP.
Leeds lass and sporting legend Nicola Adams announced her retirement exclusively to the YEP. | jpimediaresell
The pride of Leeds, Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams, revealed exclusively to the YEP yesterday that she was retiring from her beloved sport at the age of 37 because of health concerns.

Our social media pages have been overwhelmed with good wishes for the sporting superstar since we broke the news.

Messages for Nicola have come from Leeds residents, sport fans and celebrities - with fellow Olympic legend, cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, tweeting: “Congratulations on an outstanding career Nicola, welcome to the pipe and slippers club!”

Here are just some of your comments and messages.

Amit Champaneri

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The perfect way for a Leeds legend to announce her retirement - via the YEP! Congratulations @NicolaAdamsOBE - from leading amateur boxing in our school to becoming Olympic Champion to being a World Champion! You have made Leeds and British Boxing so very proud!

Anita Howard

Nicola, you have been a wonderful ambassador for your sport, your city and your county and country. Your achievements are immense and every congratulations should go to you, but I am glad you are putting your health first.

Francis Keogh

Great scoop and what a typically classy touch from @NicolaAdamsOBE to break the news through the local paper that supported her from the start.

Martin Claysson

Oh thank you Nicola for all you have done. A true Yorkshire lass, a true champion and lovely person.

Nadia Josephine

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Nicola Adams is such an inspiration! She will just continue to do amazing things out of the ring. Best of luck Nicola.

Will Millard

Everything you’ve achieved in the sport, the examples you’ve set, records you’ve broken, and even how you’ve chosen to break the news in the local paper that first championed you, is a testament to your character and humble attitude. Pioneer and legend. Thanks Nicola


Health over wealth. Well done Nicola!And for anyone who is suffering the 9-5 job - at the end of the day it’s just a job and shouldn’t come before your health.

Michael Sylvester

Pride of Yorkshire. Brilliant ambassador and athlete in and out of the ring.

Jo Phillips

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Thank you for empowering countless young women. You’re a champ in so many ways. I have no doubts that you will continue to be a positive influence in the lives of girls and women, in whatever you pursue next. Enjoy your retirement and hold onto the memories and legacy.

Prince of Leodis

Always felt proud to follow your journey. At a time when role models are lacking, you’re one of a handful who standout. Inspirational is an understatement.

Thanks for the memories, good luck for whatever the future holds. Once a Leeds legend, always a legend.

Cass Gem Leach

I think you are an incredible role model for young girls and boys. Your kindness and positivity shines and young women especially can aspire to be like you. Good luck in your next chapter!

A Smith

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Love that you’re a Yorkshire lass! You’ve made a town, county, country very proud. All the best for your future.

Iffy Islam

Good luck Nicola. I loved watching you fight and you’re a wonderful inspiration to women who just want to box!

Andy Meaty

You have been an inspiration to lots of people and I’m sure you will continue to be even after you retire. Yorkshire is proud of everything you have achieved.

The Paolo Alto

No way, what a shame... she is a very talentedboxer. Such a shame we will not get to see more of her!

Eugene Morice

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A true Leeds lass and a true legend. As a former inhabitant of Chapel Allerton, I’m delighted she had such a wonderful career and also delighted that she has the nous to quit before her health was damaged any further. Have a long and happy retirement from boxing.

Amaven Schools

Sad to hear northern champion and all round lovely lass Nicola Adams is retiring from boxing due to health problems.

She’s been an inspiration to many (especially young girls). We’ll miss her and hope to see her happy and involved with sport in some capacity.

Jamie Mann

You will always stick in my memory as one of the greatest Olympians this country has produced and I remember watching your interview after winning gold at London and how proud you were to do it for Great Britain. Inspirational! Enjoy retirement!

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