Why are so many people flouting Covid-19 rules? - YEP letters

FROM: Christine Kilby, via email

Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 6:00 am

Are we or are we not in a complete lockdown?

There is more traffic on the roads now than normally. I do not include lorries in this statement.

It would be interesting to know where all the private cars are going to and from at all times of the day.

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Why are so many people flouting Covid-19 rules?

As it is now a law not to break the Covid rules, surely the police could randomly stop drivers and find out the reason for their travel?

The Government and scientists are doing their best to keep this horrible virus at bay and keep people safe, at the same time there are a quite a number of people who think they know best and are quite happy to flaunt the law.

These are the people who are rapidly spreading this virus, but if they caught it they would be the ones to shout the loudest. It is a pity they couldn’t be allowed into intensive care to see the people who are suffering from this virus and the tired medical staff looking after them and trying to keep their spirits up.

Then they would certainly think again...or would they?