We cannot take Leeds City Council seriously on transport - YEP letters

FROM: Bill McKinnon, Leeds

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 6:00 am
Do we need to sort our transport problems at the basic level?

The Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy talks about “mixed modes of transport,” “delivering a mass transit system,” and “increasing modal split”.

These are all left over expressions from New Generation Transport, the failed trolleybus scheme, which itself succeeded a failed tram scheme.

I guess it’s hard for people who worked on the previous schemes to drop the old buzz words. But with a history of total failure, why is the council trying yet again to build a mass transit system? Haven’t they got better things they could be doing?

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For example, how about giving us a decent electric bus system? If they can’t even do that, how can they possibly hope to deliver a mass transit system? Perhaps delivering a decent bus system is too dull a task for a council which would rather be building new mass transit infrastructure on unspoilt greenspace, or expanding the airport, a decision which invites derision and makes a complete mockery of the council’s other transport aims.

Who could ever take Leeds City Council seriously after such a blatantly hypocritical decision?