TV Harrison sports ground in Leeds is beloved - and today we have four minutes to save it.

FROM: Mervyn Williams, Yeadon

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 4:45 am
The fate of the TV Harrison sports ground is to be decided by Leeds City Council. Picture: Steve Riding.

I am writing in relation to the ongoing saga of the TV Harrison Sports Ground in Oldfield Lane, West Leeds. As a Leeds Loiner born and bred and proud to be so I am absolutely appalled by the actions and manoeuvres of Leeds City Council with regard to the future of this beloved area of Leeds which has been left overgrown and uncared for 20 years.

Over a period stretching back over many months now, a dedicated group of people have put in tremendous efforts to retain the land for what it was meant to be, a centre where our children can participate in active sports safely, and socially a perfect environment for all young people to blend socially as they grow up.

Who knows, some of these youngsters hopefully may develop into the famous names who have gone before.

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Leeds City Council has already had a legal attempt quashed by the high court. By the way, these legal costs are paid out of our council taxes.

This is a bit rich when we consider a petition of some 6,000 to develop the site to something we can all be proud of for our children and our children’s children.

Over the months gone by we have seen very little of councillors showing any interest whatsoever, despite this the very people who put these people in office want the field brought back to its former glory for sport.

After reading the recent article in the Yorkshire Evening Post, I may be wrong but it appears that the council is now trying to wangle the issue to achieve success for their campaign.

The meeting planned for today with council planning chiefs gives the representatives for the sports ground an opportunity to forward their case. The time given for these representatives to state their case is four minutes. Yes, four minutes to further their case for the sports ground.

Don’t tell me of democracy, this is utter contempt to the people who have put these council offficers in place and pay their wages.

This is purely my point of view from a lad born and bred in Leeds. I hope you, like me, are totally disgusted with those people who are supposed to represent us and our wishes.