Rationing should be introduced to stop mayhem - YEP letters

The threat of catching the coronavirus is stressful enough without having the worry about not being able to buy basic foodstuffs because of the actions of the selfish who have stripped supermarket shelves like plagues of locusts.

Friday, 27th March 2020, 6:00 am

Terry Watson, Adel

These people have caused the shortages by bulk buying everything with not a thought about anyone else.

The supermarkets should have stepped in and limited the amounts people could buy, but they’re doing fantastic business so they have been slow to act.

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Rationing would stop stockpiling

Limiting the purchase of three or four of anything is no answer.

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Off-licences in Leeds allowed to stay open in coronavirus lockdown

The government must step in with some kind of rationing arrangement with the supermarkets to stop this unnecessary mayhem.