Nobody has the right to trash our public parks - YEP letters

Recent issues with littering on Woodhouse Moor inspired this letter from a Yorkshire Evening Post reader. Do you agree with them?

Friday, 30th April 2021, 6:00 am
Crowds at Woodhouse Moor on April 20.

Tony Green, Grosvenor Mount, Leeds, LS6, writes:

I’m writing about recent events on Woodhouse Moor, on and around April 20, when huge numbers of people (presumably summoned by social media) met to descend and party there. I don’t need to describe the results, or the cost to the city – even if you haven’t seen it, you can guess.

Lots of families in Woodhouse and South Headingley, who have no gardens, value the Moor as an open space, especially for their children to play: fat chance, when there’s broken glass and bottle-tops trod into the grass.

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Even dog-walkers, and the lads and lasses from the university who play casual sports there, are at risk.

Not to mention it’s a historic park, and we should protect it for future generations.

Everyone has the right to enjoy a public park; nobody has the right to trash it.

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