Leeds City Council should listen to the community and save TV Harrison Sports Ground - YEP letters

In February the leader of Leeds City Council Judith Blake expressed views in the Yorkshire Evening Post of the need to correct the imbalances which exists across this wonderful city of ours.

Friday, 26th June 2020, 6:00 am

Mervyn Williams, Yeadon

True to her word in March she put forward plans within south Leeds and Middleton to improve recreational facilities for its residents with regards to cycling, running and walking.

This is wonderful news, a step in the right direction for south Leeds for whom Judith Blake is a councillor.

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Leeds City councillors should listen to the community they represent

This enthusiasm needs to be continued across the city so we all benefit and have an environment we can all be proud of.

Could this be the beginning of a new dawn? Or just a pause in spending millions of pounds on cycle lanes. The answer would appear to be no.

In west Leeds the prospects of social equality changing seems very similar to the favouritism between the south and the north where nationally the goodies are given out.

The efforts of a group of people in west Leeds to change the lives of the people who live there now and for generations to come has been immense.

The subject has been the future of the TV Harrison Sports Ground on Oldfield Lane which has occupied the site since 1930.

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Triple theat to Yorkshire’s media spells bad news – John Grogan

Since the early months of the year the world has been turned upside down, a time of great sadness for many, but I believe it has brought communities together, when the coming together makes us stronger when we can all help one another.

It was, and still is, the intention and hope that in this great city of Leeds we have people and community spirit that makes us strong and proud of Leeds.

Hence our dream of retaining and improving Oldfield Lane Sports Field.

It will bring people together in various sports where friendships and respect for one another can blossom.

There has certainly been a short supply of respect from Leeds City Council towards the valiant efforts of those putting in the work to leave something for generations to come. These are the same people whose votes you seek when local elections come round.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to the community you represent. After these last few months you should realise that it’s people and communities that matter because that is supposedly why you are members of Leeds City Council.