How can work on North Leeds Ring Road cycleway be considered essential?

Can someone explain how the continuing work on the North Leeds Ring Road cycleway can be described as essential work during the current crisis?

Thursday, 16th April 2020, 6:00 am

by Simon Berger, Bramham

On Wednesday morning this work was still continuing apace at Moortown and has been doing so throughout the lockdown.

Indeed some of the workers on Wednesday were seen very close to each other in clear breach of the social distancing guidelines.

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Is this work classed as essential?

Now the construction of the Ring Road junctions at Harrogate Road and Park Lane have been finished, surely the last part of the scheme, the cycle way, could have been put on hold until after the lockdown?

I was on the road to deliver shopping for my elderly father and I feel very annoyed that the many workers on this project have been forced to use the roads without needing to do so in order to travel to and from work, as well as potentially putting their health at risk at work.

I hope that the Highways Department will see sense but I won’t hold my breath.