Government must enforce all the Covid rules it is making - YEP letters

FROM: Michael Green, Tingley

Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 6:00 am

I VERY much agree with recent YEP letters about the need to enforce the lockdown rules, which many people seem to regard as optional.

The Government has decided that certain things (like prohibition of gatherings and the wearing of face coverings in shops) are so important that non-compliance should be illegal rather than just discouraged.

Yet when it comes down to it, the Government hasn’t got the guts to enforce the rules. Why not?

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The government has decided that certain things, like face coverings, are mandatory but it hasn’t got the guts to enforce the rules

Because it would make them unpopular? Because they know it won’t do any good? Better that, than their current option of continually tightening the rules that only the conscientious are going to obey anyway.

If they’re not prepared to enforce the rules they shouldn’t make them up in the first place.

It is also, in my view, essential to know why increases in infection rates are occurring, as well as where.

Only in that way will they have the ability to do the sensible thing by targeting the causes. But there is no evidence this is happening any more.