Get a grip Prime Minister and stop all the policy U-turns - YEP letters

FROM: Shaun Kavanagh, via email
Boris Johnson's government has been accused of numerous policy U-turnsBoris Johnson's government has been accused of numerous policy U-turns
Boris Johnson's government has been accused of numerous policy U-turns

What a ludicrous state of affairs we see within parliament - or should we say the Tory party - deciding to vote against providing free meals for those children at risk, a decision only to be pilloried by all sensible people.

Especially the 2,000 paediatricians, who see no sense in the idiotic decision, and footballer Marcus Rashford MBE, having secured almost 900,000 signatures to ensure the Government reverse their decision.

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Especially when they are happy to pay £7,000 per day to US executives for a Test and Trace system which has proved a failure and is still doing so.

The PM has remained defiant on the subject and so too does Chancellor Rishi Sunak yet they sign off billions on failed projects.

Is it to be yet another government U-turn, adding to the many already witnessed?

It is clear the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, despite what our local MP Andrea Jenkyns feels as to his qualities, has lost the grip on the whole pandemic situation.

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Ms Jenkyns, during a TV interview on Sunday, voiced her support of Johnson whilst failing in many eyes to give straight answers to simple questions including the subject of free meals for school children.

Instead she chose to “waffle” around answers, an apparent trait of many of the current front bench.

Only recently Gavin Williamson and his department failed schoolchildren in the provision of laptops.

He stated: “Children “will” be supplied with laptop equipment to ensure they can continue their education at home when required to do so”.

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He also stated “It is vital that all pupils can work from home if they need to”.

Yet on national TV on Saturday 24 it was announced his statement is destined to 

One school was to receive 168 laptops which was reduced to 61 and, as of last Friday’s email from the Education Minister’s Department, was to reduce to a mere 13.

Does Williamson and his departmental colleagues actually know what goes on within, as it appears not?

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He, they should be fully aware before making promises which cannot be fulfilled.

It is a shambolic situation and clearly without guidance.

Too many ministers are not knowing what’s right for the country, so when will the PM get a grip and stop the ever increasing U-turns?