European Super League plan smacks of greed - YEP letters

FROM: Tony Winstanley, Castleford

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 6:00 am
Fans gathered to protest against the European Super League outside Elland Road last night. Picture by Simon Hulme

I attended my first Leeds United game in 1962 and it would be true to say that everything that has happened in my life has been shaped by that fateful day.

Little did I think that I would meet like minded people who would become life long friends. Friends that still make up the majority of my social life. Little did I realise that I would meet my future wife at an away match at Arsenal and that my life as a father was to follow.

Today, in my 70s, I often think back on those fabulous football days in the ‘Scratching Shed’ writing and singing songs with fellow Leeds fans and watching the cream of European football.

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Fast forward to today and the announcement of a proposed ‘Euro Super League’.

Many fans like myself have often warned of the loss of the working man and woman’s game to big business but this suggestion is beyond the pale. Many of those suggesting this move have no interest in football and everything they are trying to achieve smacks of greed.

Might I suggest to Leeds United that they halt any further alliance with the 49ers. The American influence must not be allowed to take over the game here in Britain.

Might I also say that for Boris Johnson to try to get his ministerial troops to make it appear that the Tories are suddenly on the side of the ‘people’s game’ and oppose greedy multi billionaires is quite laughable.

This is the same Boris Johnson who, just a few weeks ago, told his back bench MPs that “greed is good”. I wonder which news correspondent is going to be the first to ask him the obvious question.

Marching On Together.