Be careful what your vote will cost - this country's governments have been on a downward slide since the 80s - YEP letters

FROM: Mr R Pearson, Leeds
The country has been on a slippery slope since the 80s.The country has been on a slippery slope since the 80s.
The country has been on a slippery slope since the 80s.

The news about Leeds City Council closing bowing greens, selling off assets and closing access to roads, on top of the cycle lanes nonsense, set me thinking.

This is all taking place by the actions of people who were elected as representatives of the Labour Party.

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It is laughable. For the past 40 years this country has been governed by people with various views of conservative thought.

I saw the move from the squalor of the 1930s, five of us in a one up and one down, when after the war the people had the sense to vote for politicians of stature and social conscience. The changes they made were life changing.

Housing, transport, health and national utilities run for the benefit of the people.

We had the Festival of Britain, were ruled by a new Queen and we were a manufacturing respected nation.

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Then along came the 1980s and the slippery downward slide was created.

When ‘’Greed is good’’ and ‘’get rich quick’ was the creed of those in charge. The profit chasers and the asset strippers had a birthday.

Then the final nail. The ordinary worker had his/her weekly wage packet taken away and tens of millions were handed to the banks. Who needs reminding of the damage they did and are still doing to our country?

In the middle of this we had 13 years of a pretend Labour government led by two watered down Tories.

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We, the ordinary people, have been betrayed by politicians, bankers and big business.

Leaving the EU was like pressing the destruct button.

The moral in these words is - be aware of what your vote will cost you.