LETTER: Retirement? It's bonkers. I'll work until I drop.

The whole concept of retirement is a dinosaur from a bygone age and the sooner it is scrapped the better

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 3:34 pm
Where you rather be at 75 - in a business meeting or on the golf course?

Full marks to Iain Duncan Smith for proposing to extend the onset of this misery until your 75th birthday.

Resigning myself to the employment scrapheap at the age of 65 was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

It took me a year to start to adjust to it mentally. You lose all sense of purpose and self-worth. Golfing and fishing three times a week soon gets boring. Your net worth also diminishes at an alarming rate.

If you’re earning good money and enjoy your work it’s bonkers to trade it in for 20 years of mind numbing boredom.

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Now, 15 months on, I’m about to return to the workforce as an IT contractor. I intend to work until I drop; or I’m too decrepit to contribute - whichever comes first.