Let's face it, the high street is thing of history - YEP letters

FROM: Shaun Kavanagh, via email
The White Rose Shopping Centre.The White Rose Shopping Centre.
The White Rose Shopping Centre.

Watching Good Morning Britain yesterday morning Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, Anneliese Dodds MP, talked of re-vitalising town centre high street trading.

Do Labour not realise high street shopping as known in years gone by is at an end. High council rates and rents by greedy property owners, coupled with the likes of White Rose, Crown Point, Kirkstall, Owlcotes, Birstall and Castleford shopping centres, in addition to the convenience of internet shopping, have basically seen the inevitable demise of the high street.

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In addition shopping further afield at Sheffield’s Meadow Hall and York’s McArthur Glen, to name but two, allows for families to make it an “outing” event where restaurants etc are in abundance at most locations.

In September 2019 Labour’s Yvette Cooper announced she was to campaign for the return of high street shopping. Her announcement seemed to die a death and little or nothing has been heard of since from Ms Cooper on the subject, perhaps just hot air comments.

Let us all be honest, including those already mentioned and Leeds City councillors who apparently wish to see the high streets thrive as before, high street shopping is part of history.

Do MPs and councillors really do their shopping on the high street? Many will doubt it.

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When shoppers have the benefit of free parking without searching for a parking space, covered walkways in many cases, convenience of all shops being in one location, ease of access, even internet shopping which saves time for busy people and very often free delivery to the door, then why would you not warm to the alternative benefits to high street shopping?