Leeds United away ticket allocations: Open letter to chief executive Angus Kinnear from a disgruntled fan

FROM: A very disgruntled season ticket holder and away travelling supporter, via email

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 11:45 am
Leeds United Chief Executive Angus Kinnear.

I feel I must write to express in the strongest of terms my dismay at the proposed allocation of away tickets.

The system being proposed gives absolutely no account of what loyalty actually means.

Building up loyalty for away tickets isn’t something you can do overnight it takes a great deal of personal time and even greater investment, which basically amounts to travelling to far flung grounds season after season to watch the type of football you would struggle to get out of bed to watch, splashing out on trains and hotels to watch us get whacked and an abject performance by a below average set of players but because they wear the white shirt and represent our club we willingly did it.

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Now we’re playing the beautiful game with top class players and grace the Premier League all that is forgotten and we’re repaid for our loyalty with a fifty fifty chance of getting a ticket.

Not good enough.

At the very least, I would have thought the club could give us at least a season in the Premier League with a guarantee for away games to acknowledge our efforts in supporting our club through the hard times before opening it up to the new glory chasing, only Premier League watching, bandwagon chasers.

After all, if it all goes south, we’ll be the one’s left supporting our club in half empty stadiums again while the glory boys go back to the golf or squash club or whatever it was they did when we were average.