Leeds council needs to drop the rose-tinted glasses - YEP letters

FROM: Philip Crowther, Bingley

By Molly Burke
Saturday, 12th June 2021, 4:45 am
Leeds council needs to drop the rose-tinted glasses.
Leeds council needs to drop the rose-tinted glasses.

Once again Leeds City Council and others have put on their rose-tinted glasses and their heads in the clouds with statements such as “our goal is to make Leeds a city where you don’t need to use a car”.

The ambition was amplified with suggestions people can get about by wheeling, walking, running, scooting, even pushing a buggy.

Needless to say, aspirations to reduce our dependence on the motor vehicle are admirable, but as Leeds City Council said many years ago when proposals to develop road pricing were mooted, until a viable public transport system is available, getting cars off the road is pie in the sky.

The above listed means of transport without a combustion or electric engine are totally impractical when you need to get six bags of shopping from the supermarket, carry a bag of tools and a radiator or need to use the motorway or Inner Ring Road.

In defence, the council will point to the eye-watering amounts spent on cycle lanes. But look at their usage, they are white elephants.

As for a bus system, the West Yorkshire Mayor has a policy to spend millions taking it back under public control because everyone recognises that currently in private hands buses operate based on best profit return before best service availability.

So until the council and others concentrate full commitment on a viable, affordable public transport system and electric vehicle charging hubs, the car, van or truck and its combustion engine with the associated traffic jams are here to stay.