Leeds Bradford Airport public inquiry is perfectly reasonable way forward - YEP letters

A survey about expansion plans at Leeds Bradford Airport can be interpreted more than one way, says the chairperson of a campaign group. Do you agree?

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 11:45 am
An artist's impression of how the proposed new terminal at Leeds Bradford Airport would look.

Chris Foren, chairperson of GALBA, writes:

Your report of a Northern Powerhouse survey on LBA expansion (Poll shows more than half of West Yorkshire residents back new terminal for Leeds Bradford Airport, April 30) makes for interesting reading.

It says that nearly half of those surveyed believe any expansion should be contingent on a limit on the total number of flights. But LBA’s planning application does not propose any limit on the total number of flights! So what the survey actually suggests is that nearly half do not support LBA’s plans.

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LBA expansion is obviously very controversial, with many differing and strongly held views. So let’s have it dealt with at an independent public inquiry, where all the evidence can be considered by civil servants and lawyers with expertise in planning law. That’s what GALBA has asked for and it’s a perfectly reasonable way forward.

I don’t understand why Mr Murison, director of the Northern Powerhouse, doesn’t want that to happen.

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