Kelly Pegg: I'm loving life with my perfect new baby son..

As I write this I'm sitting in my hospital bed covered in baby sick and loving life.

On Tuesday my son was born – Heath Charles Pegg arrived just after midday weighing 7 pounds 4 and he’s perfect in every way.

Right now I’m just consumed with love, I can’t take my eyes off him, I can’t put him down, I can’t think about anything else because he is all that matters.

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I think every new mum out there will understand when I say I’m actually finding it really difficult to write this or to do anything actually.

I’m even carrying him to the toilet with me because I just can’t hand him over to anyone else!

All I want to do is just lay and watch my boy; I’m just in awe of him.

I’ve been very open about how I haven’t enjoyed my pregnancy journey due to feeling unwell almost every day but I can honestly tell you that every single second has been worth it and I’d do it all over again.

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I opted for a planned C-section with Heath and it has been a completely different experience to my daughter’s birth that resulted in me having an emergency Caesarean.

The NHS is just amazing; I can’t praise all the staff that have looked after us, especially the wonderful midwifes.

I’m feeling the best I have felt in nine months! I have minimal pain, I’m walking and eating well and I’m looking forward to getting home.

I have my Nana Jean staying with us and of course my daughter is at home, and neither of them can wait for cuddles with our new addition.

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I’ve been taking lots of photos of Heath but not many of me with him, I look a lot like a sweaty mess but I don’t mind.

I had a moment last night when I took a shower and was confronted by two very unflattering mirrors. I looked massive and all of a sudden I thought “Oh my goodness what a state!

I chatted to one of the lovely midwifes who reminded me it took nine months to grow my little man so I need to give myself a break. So I took her advice and tucked into several biscuits and a coffee reminding myself that I’d made a promise months ago that I wouldn’t put any pressure on myself after the birth.

Heath is currently struggling a little with mucus so feeding and winding is quite difficult.

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We spend most of last night walking up and down the corridors cuddling and at 3am this morning as he was being sick in my hair all I could do was smile and think how amazing he is.

I’ve had a solid one hour of sleep but I haven’t been this happy in such a long time, I actually feel wide awake.

I’ve had such lovely messages from lots of people including some of my fabulous listeners at Radio Aire, which has meant so much.I’ve really enjoyed sharing the journey of my second pregnancy with you. It’s been so special to write this final piece of the chapter just in time for Christmas.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year filled with lots of love and laughter.

Getting in the festive mood

It’s my last Saturday breakfast show of 2017 this weekend.

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Mike and I are doing a best of show looking back and some of our favourite moments as well as having special guest Brooke Vincent join us.

Brooke plays Sophie Webster in Coronation Street and is taking part in ITV’s Dancing On Ice next year.

She’s such a lovely girl and so much fun to chat to so it will be great having her on our final show before Christmas.

I’ve decided to take just the normal Christmas break of about two weeks off my weekend shows.

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If I feel like I need to take longer off I can but I know I’ll be itching to get back on the radio in 2018 and talk about the arrival of my little boy.

My co-presenter Mike and I have been together on Saturdays for 18 months now and we absolutely love doing the show.

We have so much fun and for me it’s the great callers who really make it what it is with their funny and honest reactions and stories.

I hope you can tune in from 9am this Saturday, I promise it will be a very festive show that will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas Day.

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