Kelly Pegg: Hands on dads don't have time for tiredness...

George and Amal Clooney. PIC: Richard Shotwell/Invision/APGeorge and Amal Clooney. PIC: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
George and Amal Clooney. PIC: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Hollywood Actor George Clooney says that he cries with tiredness at least four times a day whilst looking after his three-month-old twins.

This revelation comes as he’s pictured getting into a chauffeur driven car on his way for a big night out in LA partying with friends.

The majority of normal dads would be at home frantically trying to get their kids off to sleep and spend some time with the Mrs before getting some shuteye themselves.

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There’s just not one part of me that feels sorry for Gorgeous George, in fact I find his admission an insult to every real hardworking dad out there.

Men, my hubby included, who work hard to provide for their family whilst trying to spend time with their kids, their partner and be hands on at home too.

I’m all for people being real and honest so others can relate and feel like like it’s not “just them” but when they’re a Hollywood star then I’m sorry life isn’t real and quite frankly neither are they.

I’m pretty certain the Clooneys have ‘help’ of some kind with their little darlings and naturally have a lot less worries than normal parents like you and I.

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For a start George doesn’t need to worry about lousy paternity pay.

Also he is in a privileged position where unlike the average dad he can pick and choose when he wants to work.

I don’t believe for a second someone like George has a clue what it’s really like to be a hands on dad.

Real dads are the ones putting up playhouses in the pouring rain, getting up all hours of the night to help mum, trying to multi task even though us ladies say they can’t and generally just being all round heroes.

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You won’t hear them complaining because they don’t have time!

Let’s not forget all the single dads out there who do everything on their own.

I have a friend who raised his two children single handedly for a number of years whilst working full time.

They are both lovely children who have a very special relationship with their dad.

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He was fortunate enough to be well paid and he did have to hire someone to help with drop off and pick ups, something he’s very honest about.

There’s a dad at my daughter’s school who I see every morning when I take Ava-Lilly.

His daughter is four; she’s recovering from a brain tumour and has lost all her hair so she wears a pretty straw hat.

I watch them holding hands as they walk through the school gates and no doubt he is cherishing every second, pinching himself that his little girl has come through the other side.

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This week he was telling me she’s had a cold and because of her recovery it can be dangerous so even with a cold they had to take her to hospital to get her checked over.

He wasn’t moaning though, he smiled through the whole conversation because he couldn’t care a less if he’s tired or not, the only thing that he cares about is his daughter being well.

Life as a new dad for George really isn’t a ‘struggle’ at all because he leads a privileged life where money buys you help and freedom.

I’m sure the majority of us would jump at the chance to earn the millions from being a Hollywood star, myself included.

All I ask is that he admits it.

Pregnancy ups and downs

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Last week I felt sick every day and every night and come Saturday I don’t think I’d ever felt so sick since the first trimester.

I moaned a lot and broke down to my midwife telling her I didn’t know how I was going to cope anymore because when I feel ill I get depressed.

This whole pregnancy has been up one minute and down the next and sometimes I find it so hard because by now at 26 weeks I want to be out of the sickness stage.

She offered me medication to help combat the nausea and I seriously considered it but after chatting it through with my hubby I decided we’ve got this far, I can handle a few more months.

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By Sunday everything started to feel better again so better in fact that I didn’t stop Monday and by Tuesday morning I had a freak out about baby two’s movements.

He’s like a footballer in there, he never stops kicking me which I love so when all of sudden I felt like the movement wasn’t the same as what I’d been used to, I was in a panic.

The wonderful NHS, thank goodness for it and the entire brilliant, dedicated staff. I was hooked up to a monitor so I could hear baby’s heartbeat and I had to press a button every time I felt him.

Naturally the little tinker moved constantly and all was well, I even managed a little snooze, which is something I never get at home!

Getting back into fitness

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So Cheryl has been slammed by reality TV star Chanelle Hayes.

Both are new mums but Chanelle says it’s not fair, telling a magazine: “She has all that money and her mum is there all the time to look after the baby whilst she does a million crunches”.

After I had my daughter I used to take her with me to boot camp three times a week. She would be wrapped up in her pram and if she wanted a cuddle we would all pass her around whilst doing our squats. The girls I worked out with adored her and I made some friends who I’m still in contact with today. It doesn’t matter if you’re Cheryl or just ordinary me if you want to get back into fitness and feel could for your own self -esteem after having a baby then you can do it.

It’s easy to lash out at other mothers who are looking great without considering about the hard work they’re putting in to get that result. I think Chanelle may be a tiny bit envious and instead of wasting her energy being unkind should maybe take a leaf out of Cheryl’s book.