Is it necessary to have a West Yorkshire mayor? - YEP letters

FROM: A Ward, via email

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 6:00 am
2018 vote

I won‘t be casting my vote for any of the candidates in the Mayoral Election, as I have yet to be convinced that the post is necessary at all.

In a referendum in 2012 we voted decisively against a Mayor for Yorkshire.

Our Labour council and the Conservative members were also against the idea and yet, here we are, nine years later suddenly having to vote for someone to take on this post.

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What has changed in the thinking of local politicians and why is the result of that referendum being ignored ?

We are presented with a group of politicians all spouting the same vote-catching rhetoric, when really the post should be non-political, anyway.

How much will this Mayor be paid?

This will be just another layer of bureaucracy and a heavy load on the Council Tax payers of certain parts of Yorkshire.