How do we solve transport problems in Leeds? - YEP letters

Leeds Railway StationLeeds Railway Station
Leeds Railway Station
All the recent letters and articles on transport in the region and how it is unfit for purpose have been critical of the service providers and the inability to find a solution.

by D Angood, via email

Many have suggested ideas from a tram/train underground to a monorail without actually having any idea on how to achieve such a system.

They simply expect someone else to supply the knowledge and investment required. The local council and the WYC, having been ineffectual over the years, have asked the government to assist them by providing the funding but have no concrete plans for any mass transit system that they say is needed.

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Their immediate plan is to attempt to take over the running of First and Arriva services, but because of their total lack of expertise they have to fund a consultative agency regarding how to run such an operation, never mind how much it would cost to compensate the two operators.

Rail travel services are disconnected and require attention to provide the necessary connections. Look at central Leeds, for which the most practical solution is a “ circular” underground with radial routes out to the suburbs.

The motive power for any mass transit system has to be evaluated for cost, effectiveness and efficiency yet no information is forthcoming of any major advances in the science of propulsion.

The present units rely on diesel engines, as do the buses, but any additions should be electrified to integrate with the proposed underground where possible.

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Buses will remain an essential factor in the equation and should be part of any integrated system where rail travel is impracticable. The opinion is that diesel engines should be phased out but technology has yet to devise a power unit that would manage to power a bus for 16 or more hours which schedules sometimes demand.

Congestion is the reason for most disruption to bus services but the answer is not to banish vehicles from the city but to ease their movement in and through.

Recent activity on Connecting Leeds has resulted in more congestion and because thoroughfares have been narrowed or closed to vehicles it will only get worse.

Until such time that public transport is able to provide the public with a reliable, affordable, efficient and accessible transport system the population will continue to use their own cars.

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The way to proceed with public transport in West Yorkshire is to appoint a one person supremo who is non political but has a working knowledge, expertise and qualifications in transport.

Get rid of the political quangos who are contradictory in their approach because of their party policies. Let him/her peruse the suggestions that have been put forward and make a decision with which to proceed with.

Then hopefully he/she will be able to acquire the relevant funding over the time that will be required to bring about a mass transit system.

Colin Smith, via email

In reply to the letter from MP Ward the YEP (January 17), I agree with his comments about reopening railway stations,but I disagree with the comment about not transporting coal by rail so much.

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I think that we do more of that than people realise, alas it’s now imported coal due to the successive governments closing of the UK coal mines.

I also agree with his comments about Leeds going underground, a comment supported by the letter from Alan Hutchings regarding Coun Judith Blake watching the documentary on the Tyne and Wear Metro.

But Leeds will never get anything like that, we’re just stuck with badly run bus services and trains.

N Stock, via email

What a good article by Ajaz Ahmed in Friday’s YEP about the poor rail service. It summed up mine and the majority of the travelling public’s daily experience.

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I agree Leo Goodwin needs to see what the Transpennine travel experience is. Maybe that is something the YEP can arrange and he can meet the travellers paying his salary.

Mark Little, via email

With regard to the recent traffic problems in Leeds and the stretch between Branch Road in Armley and the prison: What is Leeds City Council’s view on this if there is a breakdown by say a bus? Can you imagine the chaos around the city this would cause?

Wake up LCC, you are the main cause of all the traffic problems yet you blame everybody else except yourselves. The people of Leeds do not deserve these problems.

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