Downing Street studio a colossal waste of cash - YEP letters

FROM: Shaun Kavanagh

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 6:00 am
Downing Street studio a colossal waste of cash

Having watched the Coronavirus update on BBC television on Monday, broadcast from the newly created studio/ communications room within 10 Downing Street many will wonder how the Government can possibly justify a spend of £2.6 million pounds on what is little different to that seen previously, apart from the décor?

One noticeable feature is that the podiums do not show the three slogans used to remind the viewing public of the catch phrases used by the Government and displayed as aide memoirs for everyone.

One other thing that is clearly evident, that being the Government continues to waste public money without generating significant benefit whilst making feeble excuses for only paying the NHS a miserly one per cent increase in salaries for some deserving staff, but sadly not all.

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The pointless and unnecessary studio project, call it what they will, is of no benefit for anyone and the £2.6 million spend is a disgrace.

A government explanation surrounding the waste should be forthcoming from No 10 and whoever authorised such a ridiculous project should either resign or be fired for the colossal waste involved.