Cyclists should stay in their own lane - YEP letters

Cyclists should stay in their own lane.Cyclists should stay in their own lane.
Cyclists should stay in their own lane.
FROM: D Angood, via email

LEEDS City Council has progressed with its policy of providing cycle paths or lanes throughout the city yet their plans have a serious omission.

That omission is in making it compulsory for cyclists to use them when they are available.

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It should also be made compulsory for cyclists using them to remain in the lane especially at junctions controlled by traffic lights and await their turn in the cycle of light changes.

The reason I am wanting to endorse such action is because I was suddenly confronted by an eight tonne wagon which had moved onto my side of the carriageway to give a cyclist the required clearance as he was not riding in the cycle lane. Not a pleasant experience I can assure you.

It is high time those ignorant, inconsiderate and oblivious cyclists who flaunt the regulations were punished in accordance to their offending. A car driver is jailed, fined and has points affixed to his licence dependant upon their misdemeanour so why not a similar scale for the offending cyclists?

I have consistently opposed the prioritising of cycle routes as in many cases they are detrimental to traffic flow for a number of reasons.

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If LCC are to continue with the process then surely legislation has to be introduced to establish and maintain usage that is controlled and consistent.

Compulsory insurance for cyclists should be another requirement to ensure fairness for all road users.

Our loyalty is unbeatable!

Coun Peter Gruen, Labour Cross Gates and Whinmoor, Leeds City Council

Whisper it quietly or shout it from the rooftops! There is something even greater than our total loyalty to our clubs; it is our bond to each other and the football family.

Without it, we are steamrollered; but with it we are unbeatable.