Cultural venues in Leeds are ready and just need green light - YEP comment

The year 2020 was a doomed one for the cultural sector of society.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 6:00 am
Sunny Bank Mills, in Farsley.

Lockdowns, false starts, delays and disruption to reopenings and an effective total shutdown has meant that many cultural venues in Leeds have been forced to rely on grants and life support funding to stay afloat.

But there is hope sparkling in the distance.

It was only on Saturday that the YEP carried a front page shouting about the optimism of theatres in Leeds, looking forward to the day the curtain can once again go up on performances.

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And today, we hear from organisers at Farsley-based Sunny Bank Mills, who found creative ways to promote culture over the last 12 months, and who are now looking to the future when they can reopen their vibrant artistic space.

There can be no doubt about how central culture is to our city’s diverse and talented residents.

Sunny Bank Mills, like scores of venues across Leeds, are chomping at the bit to reopen.

They just need the green light.