Leeds 2023: Creative Technologist believes the public can all use digital technology and software to be more creative

Adam Skowronski is a Creative Technologist at LEEDS 2023 and believes we can all use digital technology to be more creative. He tells the YEP about a series of free digital workshops taking place at Platform in Leeds.

By Alex Grant
Sunday, 24th April 2022, 9:47 am

Most of us use digital software in some way every day, whether it’s for sending emails, checking social media, or doing our online shopping.

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Software is a functional thing that makes life easier. But we can also use it in creative ways to tell our unique stories and share our experiences with the world.

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He tells the YEP about a series of free digital workshops taking place at Platform in Leeds.

I’m a Creative Technologist at LEEDS 2023, and my role is to help artists and communities bring their creative ideas to life using technology.

I believe that we can all be more creative in how we use digital tech and I’m really passionate about it being accessible for everyone.

I know that learning to use digital technology can feel daunting, which is why LEEDS 2023 has teamed up with 100% Digital Leeds to run a series of free monthly workshops to show people how they can use tech more creatively.

Each workshop will focus on a different piece of free, easy to use software that everyone can download on their laptop or phone, and during the session we’ll all learn how we can use it in really fun and imaginative ways.

The first workshop is on Wednesday 27th April and is all about the amazing audio software Audacity, which enables you to record and edit your own music, podcasts, and soundbites. There are endless things that you can do with Audacity once you know the fundamentals.

You could create an audio map of where you live, record your own podcast with your friends, or interview your family members.

I did exactly that in lockdown. I interviewed my grandparents about their lives and they told me some of their favourite stories. The technology opened up conversations that we wouldn’t otherwise have had and now I have this wonderful digital recording that I can share with the rest of my family.

We’re running loads of other workshops on everything from video and photo editing to social media training, creating video games and live streaming - all you need to bring is your own laptop. It’s all about changing the perception that digital software is difficult to use, expensive and inaccessible. Everyone can use it to tell their own stories, they just need to know how.

The workshops will take place on the last Wednesday of every month at the Platform coworking space near Leeds train station, and are open to everyone. Participants can claim a free First Bus Day Rider to attend, and each workshop will be recorded and be accessible online afterwards.

Take a look at the 100% Digital Leeds website at www.digitalinclusionleeds.com for more information about the workshops and to book your free ticket.