IN LEEDS WE TRUST:m Leeds United put in quite the performance against Newcastle

That was quite the performance against Newcastle United on Wednesday.

It was such an important result, coming off the back of two defeats, including a lacklustre display against West Ham United.

As many teams do, Newcastle came with a plan to contain us, catch us on the counter-attack or score the inevitable goal from a set-piece – our Achilles heel.

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But little did they realise how much our whole team would up their game this time. This was shown by the fact that five different players scored for us, including a world class strike by Jack Harrison.

Ironically that came from us defending a corner – and it turns out that Leeds can do counter-attack as well! Rumours of Bielsa burnout are greatly exaggerated.

The victory came at the end of a good week for the trust, as last Saturday we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) via a Zoom call. It started with our chairman, Pete Emmerson, emphasizing what a challenging but rewarding year it had been for both the club and the trust. Pete outlined the highlights of our work during this year.

This included building a brand new website and membership database and delivering the first in our series of commemorative murals across the city, this one being of Pablo Hernandez and that famous goal away to Swansea City.

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There was our #StayAway from Elland Road campaign during the coronavirus lockdown period, which has since been praised on a national level.

Also, who can forget the tremendous success of the fanbase’s support for Leeds Fans Foodbank, both as part of the #CharitynotPPV campaign and with our total fundraising amount of over £100,000 in the last two years.

As well as questions from members, the AGM also included some important guest speakers. First up was the club’s view from Angus Kinnear, who took time out to speak whilst parked up on his long journey along the A1.

Angus reiterated the importance of the relationship between the trust and the club.

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On the return of fans to Elland Road, Angus said that “we’re looking forward to getting fans back in as soon as we can”, and other subjects included the plans to increase the stadium capacity to 50,000 fans.

We were also delighted to hear from Simon Rix, of the Kaiser Chiefs, in his role as president of the trust, as well as Nat from Leeds Fans Foodbank and Paul from Andy’s Man Club, our charity of the year.

And there was a fun question and answer session between Ben Shires, TV and radio presenter and future trust president, and Jon Richardson, comedian and honorary member of the trust.

The trust’s work will push on in 2021, encapsulated by our motto – Together, we’re Stronger – because we aim to improve the club, the ground, the local area and community, for everyone.

Adding your own voice to the trust’s work is easy.

Just visit our new website at and you can become a member for just £10 per year.

Marching on together.