IN LEEDS WE TRUST: Proud to be partnering up with Leeds United Americas (LUA)

The Leeds United Supporters' Trust are excited to announce they are partnering up with LUA.

Visit our new website at and you can become a member for just £10 per year.
Visit our new website at and you can become a member for just £10 per year.

Leeds United are a global football team. One of the greatest things about our club is the way fans all across the world are brought together by the same passion to see the team we love succeed. In this incredible last few years, where so many of our long held hopes and wishes have come true, this unity between fans has been more apparent than ever. This unity is something that we at the Trust feel strongly that we should always try to protect, a belief we share with our friends at Leeds United Americas (LUA) who we are excited to announce we will be partnering up with. At the Leeds United Supporter’s Trust, our motto is ‘Together, We’re Stronger’ as we truly believe that when the fans are all aligned we have the power to protect our club.

Leeds United Americas are a group we have a lot of respect for. Established initially in 1992 as a group for Leeds fans in Chicago, the LUA has expanded to become the support group for Leeds fans all across North and South America. Made up in large part of Leeds fans from the UK who have moved away, but also with a contingent of American born fans who have come to love the club from afar. The LUA has only come to thrive even more since Bielsa came to Leeds United, with the global appeal of the Take Us Home documentary along with the step up to Premier League football giving Leeds United a huge boost in profile across the Atlantic.

Our overseas fans have time and time again proven themselves to be an important part of our community, and our American supporters are no exception. As well as funding some fantastic charity work of their own, the LUA have been a big help to us in the past, with generous donations to our mural fund helping to create the artwork that is now in so many areas of the city.

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It is always our aim at the Trust to ensure that the interests of all Leeds fans are protected, and while the past few years at the club have been fantastic we can’t allow ourselves to become complacent. With issues as big as the expansion of Elland Road coming up in the near future its clear to see that the views of all fans have to be kept in perspective for the club. This is something that works much more effectively when the fanbase is completely aligned, working together to achieve the same goals. Coordinating and working together with the LUA is something we see as a fantastic step in this direction, allowing us to better represent the fanbase as we continue to protect the club we all love.

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Marching on together.