In Leeds We Trust: Our first season back has been one we can be enormously proud of

In this week’s column, the Board of the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust reflect on a successful season for the Whites and look ahead to the return of fans.

By The Board Of The Leeds United Supporters#2019 Trust
Saturday, 15th May 2021, 11:45 am
Pic: Getty
Pic: Getty

Having secured an undefeated home record against the so called “big-six” last week, and with the chance to push for a top half finish being all we need to fight for in these last few games. Our first season back in the top flight has been one we can be enormously proud of. We should also take a moment to congratulate Man City on winning another Premier League title this week after what has an impressive campaign, apart from when they played us of course.

But as ever in football, our thoughts move quickly onto the next season and the next challenge. This season’s impressive performance is fuelling ideas of what we could go on to achieve as we continue to improve. Before you begin worrying about that however, it’s worth enjoying three more (relatively) stress free matches with very little on the line. These type of games don’t come around too often and offer a chance to really enjoy watching the wonderful football we play without having too much strain put on your heart every time Alioski launches into a challenge in the box.

Hopefully next season, we will be in the stands to see it played out in the flesh. The return to Elland Road starts with our match on the final day of the season against West Brom. The ballot for this game has already been completed, so if you haven’t checked your emails and booked your ticket please make sure to take a look.

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A huge congratulations to those of you lucky enough to have secured your place, just know that it comes with the responsibility of making enough noise to make up for the rest of us and reminding the Premier League what Leeds fans are really about.

If you missed out on this occasion, don’t feel too aggrieved, this match is only the first step back to normality and there will be no special celebrations to miss out on. All of this will be reserved for when Elland Road is back at full volume.

This week has also marked national Mental Health Awareness Week, a time to recognise the common struggle that so many of us go through at some stage in our lives. Our partner charity Andy’s Man Club is one of the many Mental Health charities that are available to make sure you’re never fighting your thoughts alone, with over 45 support groups across the country. Andy’s Man Club have a specific focus on breaking down the taboo around men discussing their emotions, and creating an environment where men can feel comfortable to seek out help when its needed.

As a Trust, we are so proud to be working alongside this charity and will continue to assist wherever we can with their goal of making sure everyone knows its okay to talk.

Adding your own voice to the Trust’s work is easy. Visit our new website at and you can become a member for just £10 per year.

Marching on together.