In Leeds We Trust: It was an honour to show Gary Speed's parents how much of an impact he continues to have

Our game against Brighton last week was, if nothing else, well timed.

Leeds United Supporters' Trust: Gary Speed mural.

The ongoing social media blackout was something of a comfort, making it slightly easier to just forget that game ever happened.

We at the Trust, along with many organisations in English football, completed our social media blackout to raise awareness for online discriminatory abuse on Tuesday. We hope that the unified campaign will act as a powerful symbol that racism and discrimination of any kind in football will not be allowed to persist as it has for so long.

While we will continue to press the issue at every opportunity, the ball is now very much in the court of social media companies to find the solutions for the misuse of their platforms.

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During the blackout, we had the pleasure of welcoming Roger and Carol Speed to Leeds and showing them the newly commissioned mural of their son. During their tour of the Showoff Design offices on which the mural was painted, Mr and Mrs Speed were presented with a framed picture of the mural to take home.

Gary Speed is of course such an important figure in Leeds to this day, and it was an honour to show his parents just how much of an impact he continues to have.

Creating these murals and recognising the past and present heroes of our club is some of the most rewarding work we do at the Trust, and we are delighted to be working on the planning of two more in the near future. The explosion of Leeds United related artwork we have seen so far around the city is a joy, and we will continue to work on projects to expand that.

Additionally, this week we learned the details of our return to Elland Road for the last game of the season against West Brom. Eight thousand fans will line the stands to watch the game, with tickets distributed by a ballot among season ticket holders. If you haven’t already registered online for the ballot and would like to attend the game we strongly encourage you to do so, the deadline is for registry is at midnight on Monday the 10th of May.

There will be no special events around the day such as celebrating the season or remembering those we’ve lost in the past year, these will be reserved for when we all manage to get back into the ground together.

While the experience won’t be quite back to the filled stadiums and deafening noise we all love quite yet, this will be an important step on the path back to normality. The day when we see a Bielsa’s Leeds performance in front of a packed out Elland Road once again is closer than ever.

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Marching on together.