Clarity is key as ‘Freedom Day’ nears - YEP Comment

It is a debate that is dividing the nation - to wear a mask after Monday or not.

Visitors in Leeds City Centre.
Visitors in Leeds City Centre.

The conversation which is splitting opinions comes as Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has denied the Government’s Covid rules have become a “total shambles” as ministers prepare to end lockdown restrictions in England.

The latest Government guidance says shoppers will still be expected to wear face masks and table service should continue in pubs and bars, even though it will no longer be a statutory requirement from Monday.

The move has been widely criticised by both trade unions and employers, with ministers accused of sending out “mixed messages” while giving businesses little time to prepare the new regime.

And with the clock ticking down to so-called ‘Freedom Day’ on Monday clarity is still key to all of this.

At this crucial juncture where the public are being urged to use their own judgement then clear detail is absolutely vital.