A special thank you to our city's inspirational mums this Mother's Day - the YEP says

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love.

Faye Mitchell pictured with her mum Carol.
Faye Mitchell pictured with her mum Carol.

It is an unconditional bond that lasts a lifetime and endures in the toughest of times.

Many of us have been parted from our mothers over the months and, in turn, many mums have been separated from their children.

Sadly some are no longer with us, their memories cherished forever.

Today Mother’s Day will be very different for so many of us as we remain apart from our loved ones.

That is why today we are celebrating those special mums who continue to inspire and provide that pillar of strength.

Faye Mitchell has seen first-hand the cruel impact of Alzheimer’s on her mum Carol over the last nine years. She was spurred on to launch an inspirational charity campaign and the reason why is simple.

It is because of her mum. And today we say a special thank you.