10 things you said... Do you miss the world before social media?

Social media has changed the world - but whether that is for the better or worse has divided our readers.

Sunday, 26th September 2021, 4:45 pm

Here are 10 of your thoughts about if you missed the world before social media:

Kevin Darbyshire: "The good old days."

Iain Gray: "Much better before any of this stuff."

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Here are 10 things you said:

Michael James McAndrew: "There is nothing wrong with social media it is the way people, companies and the Mass Media use it. It should be regulated more."

Sarah Myers: "The world wasn't better or worse; it was different.

"Just like before and after VCRs, cars, hoovers, and wheels.

"Social media is a technological advancement and modern day form of communication that is natural in an ever-changing world. There is no 'good or bad' about then and now. There is only different."

Michele Bee: "Nothing SOCIAL about it!

"Folk are more alone than ever! They ‘think’ they have hundreds of ‘friends’ - they don’t! Even sat opposite a real person/friend..they are in their phones!"

Sharon Grace: "Yes. Life was much simpler."

Lee Fisher: "Miss the world before main stream media."

Tony Bastin: "No. Though I miss social media as it was before stupid people learned how to use it."

Dino Macak: "On social media to much."

Harry Smith: "Mainstream media is failing, it is no longer a trusted source of accurate information and has become more akin to propaganda. Social media is filling the void left by the mainstreams abdication of the truth."