10 things you said about plans for Leeds 'Oyster card' and new phone app plans for buses

A new mobile phone app or London-style “Oyster card” system are two of the items on the wishlist of Leeds City Council’s leader, as the latest phase of the city’s long-term transport plans were announced.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 4:45 pm

Bringing bus services in West Yorkshire back into public control had been a major campaign promise of new regional mayor Tracy Brabin, and speaking at a press briefing this week, Leeds City Council head James Lewis claimed such a move could lead to a revolution in ticketing for people in the district.

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'Oyster card' and new phone app proposed for Leeds as council reveals major tran...

“If people have a simple Oyster-style ticket for West Yorkshire where they can hop on and off and know what the total cost will be, rather than having to have a lot of expert knowledge in terms of what tickets to buy.

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Ten things you had to say about 'Oyster card' style plans for buses in Leeds.

“On my phone I have four different apps for different tickets in West Yorkshire – if we could get that all onto one app and people know that it will be good value for money – that will be part of it.

“It’s not a quick process, but it’s a challenge we put to the transport companies.”

Here's what you had to say:

Rosemary Hughes said: "Cards won't get more people on the buses - a reliable service in a city that is not constantly closing and digging up roads is the first step."

Jan Stubbs said: "They don't want more people to use public transport or we would have been equipped with a good tram system and also reopened stations to connect communities with the rail network. We need the good usable public transport network first before we can use it."

Rosheen James said: "I don't drive and use the buses and let me tell you they are rubbish. On a Sunday half an hours wait is not really acceptable in 2021. I'm lucky I can afford a taxi to get me and my girl around otherwise we would just stay home."

Donna Wallace said: "Correct me if I am wrong but don't we already have this? I mean I use my metro card on all bus services within west Yorkshire. As do most people who use buses for commuting."

Danielle Huma said: "Free travel for kids then like London I hope! That would have a lot of parents of the road".

Zita MacDonald said: "It isn't the payment option that is the problem with Leeds buses, it's the total lack of reliable and cost-effective services that needs addressing. You only have to look at the service changes and cancellations from their timetables to see this."

Hayley Smith said: "As a daily bus user an oyster style card will not make an ounce of difference. Reliable transport will. The shambles we currently have is a perfect advert for owning a car. Lot of work to do to get folks to ditch their cars"

John Birkby said: "Try getting the buses to turn up in the first place would be a good start".

Simon Moss said: "They do something similar in Dublin, bus, train and tram, granted we don’t have a tram but it’s a great idea

Julie Bell said: "If somebody would take the time to listen…..a more reliable service not an Oyster card that’s needed!!!!"