One in four Brits are '˜future proofing' their homes with the latest gadgetry, new research reveals

A recent study into the smart technology wish list has found that self-cleaning toilets, bathroom scales which test your BMI and fingerprint scanning door locks are amongst a long list of features that people expect to see in the ‘home of the future’.

The survey of 2,000 people has been commissioned to mark the launch of Smart Home Week, which runs from May 29 to June 4. This new initiative is sponsored by Yale, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue.

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Other inclusions on the smart home wish list are shower heads with in-built Bluetooth to enable us to answer calls whilst washing and 'Fitbit' style beds which record how good your night's sleep was.

A bath that fills up instantly, bathroom scales which calculate your BMI, and a fridge which automatically re-orders items when they run out is also a dream for many.

Research shows that homeowners want to incorporate smart technology into the home for a number of reasons, but most importantly to make their lives easier. A clear pattern has emerged that homeowners are opting for smart technology that would relieve them from fulfilling the mundane tasks in their home, including changing the bed sheets and sorting out the laundry.

Nigel Fisher, a spokesman for Smart Home Week said: “It’s clear from the smart home wish list that more people are looking for new ways to make their lives easier and more convenient.

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“The research shows 85% of people have heard of a smart home (compared to 57% in 2015) and almost one in four already have some smart capabilities in their home. These figures show just how far the market has come in such a short space of time and how quick the pace of change will be going forwards.”Other important factors for homeowners when considering adopting smart home technology was surrounding security, in particular Big Brother style security cameras and finger-print scanning door locks, and health monitoring, including ‘Fitbit’ style beds that record the quality of the users sleep patterns.With such enlightening statistics highlighting the recent popularity and increased knowledge of smart technology and smart home related products, the launch of Smart Home Week has come at the perfect time to capture the interest of potential buyers into the smart home market.

TOP 30 THINGS TO MAKE A HOME ‘SMART’Self-cleaning toiletsA system that cleans the house for youWindows that tint automatically in the sunshineFingerprint scanning door locksA wardrobe that irons clothes while they are hanging upBathroom scales which test your BMIGarages that charge your electric car just by parking on a giant padFridge that tells you which foods are reaching their use-by date'Fitbit' style beds which record how good your night's sleep isTeleportation deviceA bath that fills up in a split secondA self-loading washing machineA detector that knows if someone has been in your roomSelf-locking doors that lock at the same time each nightA bed that gradually wakes you up in the morningA robot which delivers breakfast in bedCarpet that retracts so you can have hardwood floors if you fancy a changeA self-sorting laundry basketA counter which calculates how much exercise you need to do depending on what you eatSome mechanical arms that come out the wall and change your beddingYour fridge / store cupboards automatically re-order your regular shopping items for you.A device which lets you know when you are running out of essentials such as bread or milkA coffee ready as soon as the alarm goes offA toilet that analyses your dietBig Brother style security camerasA TV which chooses the programmes for youA fridge which knows when the shelves are full of meatShower heads with in-built bluetooth to allow phone calls while washingTVs that recognise who is watching and shows the right programmesSomething that brings you any food you want just by thinking about it

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