KFC launches KFC Gravy scented candles for a finger-lickin' good smell at home

The KFC Gravy candle in all its....glory?
The KFC Gravy candle in all its....glory?
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We all know that one person who goes to KFC just to get their hands on that little pot of KFC gravy.

Well now, they can fill their house with the alluring (?) scent of KFC gravy at all times thanks to an official KFC Gravy Candle being launched by the colonel.

The extremely limited edition run of candles will see just 230 candles made - and you can get one on a first come first served basis.

In the past, the restaurant chain has launched a chicken scented candle and a KFC herbs and spices bath bomb. Because who doesn't want to soak in a KFC spice mix like a chicken wing?

To put your name down for a gravy candle, head over here.

A KFC spokesman said: "Nothing beats the sweet, soulful aroma of KFC gravy. So this January, why not fill your home with Finger Lickin’ good vibes thanks to our limited edition KFC Gravy Candle."

KFC caused a stir in 2018 when they replaced their long-maligned chips with a new kind of skins-on fry, after testing them in Yorkshire.